Google systematises sustainable materials

25:e mar. 2015

Portico is the name of Google’s new database, which is designed to make it easier for project planners to choose smart and healthy materials when building productive working environments for the for the giant search engine’s employees.

A Cradle to Cradle certificate gives direct access to the database and Troldtekt is therefore already registered in Portico. The goal is for the database to top 10,000 products in 2016.

Troldtekt Google Portico

A Cradle to Cradle certificate gives access to this a new and exciting initiative from Google, the Portico database, which systematises sustainable products. Troldtekt is therefore now registered in Portico, which will make it easier for architects, engineers and others working on building projects for Google to choose healthy building materials and equipment. 

Setting up the database is part of Google’s ‘Healthy Materials Program’, which will ensure healthy buildings in the Google group worldwide. “We create healthy and productive work environments that inspire and energise our people,” writes Google in its presentation of Portico PDF.

Ambitious objective

A beta version of Portico was tested in 2014 and the final version has now been launched, with an encouragement to manufacturers that they register their products in the database. The aim is for Portico to become a sustainable library with descriptions of 10,000 products in 2016.

While a Cradle to Cradle certificate (however, not a Basic assessment in C2C version 3.0) provides direct access to the database, products can also be considered if they have been assessed with a Health Product Declaration or GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals. The three certifications are brought together in a Portico points system, where a scale of 0-16 rewards product sustainability.

In keeping with the giant search eingine’s desire for transparency, extra points are awarded to manufacturers who publish their environmental product declarations (EPDs).

See PDF about the point system