Swimming in good architecture

Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

Indoor swimming pools and outdoor baths are popular meeting places in local communities. But many public facilities are 40-50 years old and in need of thorough renovation. Based on careful architectural planning and attention to detail, renovated and newly built facilities can be made to appeal to all manner of water lovers.

In this feature, we focus on good architecture for swimming. Learn what it takes to create a good swimming centre according to Dan Cornelius, co-owner of the architectural firm Cornelius + Vöge. Hear expert Dr Stefan Kannewischer’s views on the possibilities for creating more varied swimming centres in Germany. Read how studio 4a Architekten integrate pools and nature in their projects.

Dive into the award-winning Danish Vestre Fjordpark outdoor swimming baths, where natural materials – including Troldtekt panels – play a central role. And see how Troldtekt acoustic panels contribute to the good swimming experience.

Germany needs a diverse swimming pool landscape

Germany has a strong bathing culture and a high demand for high quality swimming facilities, wellness spas and leisure pools. But the market is saturated by outdated municipal pools running at high deficits. 

The answer is for municipalities to adopt a more regional thinking to construct more diverse types of pools or cooperate to build larger facilities, says Dr. Stefan Kannewischer. He is a swimming pool expert and honorary president of the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities.

Read the interview with Dr. Stefan Kannewischer

Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

A good pool creates the feeling of a summer swim

Good swimming facilities have an efficient functionality and a welcoming atmosphere, says Ernst Ulrich Tillmanns, executive director at 4a Architekten.

The right atmosphere can be created with warm, natural materials, bright colors and by using glass panels to blend the interior pool with the nature outside.

Read the interview with Ernst Ulrich Tillmanns

Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

All senses are in play in a swimming centre

Creating a good swimming centre requires a functional awareness of the building’s mechanics and the human body’s reaction to the transition from dry to wet, according to Dan Cornelius, co-owner of Cornelius + Vöge.  Together with Japanese Kengo Kuma & Associates, the studio has designed the new Waterfront Culture Centre to be built on Paper Island in Copenhagen’s harbour.

Read interview with Dan Cornelius

Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

Troldtekt contributes to a good swimming experience

Superior acoustics, natural resistance to moisture, flexible designs – and points for the sustainability accounts. There are many good reasons why Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool acoustic panels are chosen for swimming pools and outdoor baths.

More about benefits

Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

From outdated outdoor baths to award-winning fjord park

The outdoor baths on the shores of Limfjorden in Aalborg, Denmark, have been a recreational oasis since 1947. In 2017, the baths reopened after a major renovation, which has made the area attractive to many more users.

The modern outdoor baths are designed to make you want to come even if you don’t want to swim, according to Martin Nielsen, architect and partner at ADEPT. Vestre Fjordpark was among the finalists at the 2018 World Architecture Awards.

More about Vestre Fjordpark

Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

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