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Swimming and water exercise are popular activities among all ages and at all skill levels. We use swimming centres, outdoor baths and harbour pools to exercise, relax and enjoy ourselves with our families. Many facilities are being renovated, or new ones built, with architecture to match the varying purposes and user scenarios.

On this theme page, you can read about architectural challenges and possible solutions when designing swimming pools. The articles also look at the trends which experts expect to dominate swimming facilities in future.

You will also find a number of projects representing the true marriage of function and design. Among other things featuring Troldtekt acoustic solutions that effectively absorb sound and have a natural resistance to moisture while giving builders, architects and contractors flexible design options.

New test: Troldtekt withstands even the most humid rooms

New documentation shows that Troldtekt withstands moisture levels of up to 98 per cent – combined with high temperatures.

This shows that the panels are suitable for the most demanding wet and warm environments in, for example, swimming pools.

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Acoustic panels from Troldtekt, which are suitable for wet room use, effectively absorb noise and reduce reverberation times in swimming pool areas

16 trends in swimming centres of the future

The International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) NGO has compiled a report on a number of trends in the swimming centres and outdoor baths of the future.

The 16 trends cover a wide range of aspects that impact on architecture – from economics and digital features to new usage patterns.

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Troldtekt acoustic panels withstand moisture and are therefore very suitable as acoustic ceiling and wall cladding in, for example, swimming pools

Swimming pools are of high social importance

The bathing culture is strong in Germany, but attractive offers are still lacking in many cities and municipalities. The investments of the municipalities are still too low to offer visitors modern equipment or multifunctional concepts.

In an interview, Dr. Stefan Kannewischer, President of the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS), comments on this and points out possible solutions.

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Swimming pools are of high social importance | Troldtekt THEME

New swimming centres must have wider appeal

Modern swimming centres have to satisfy many expectations – and accommodate the needs of elite swimmers, people wanting to take exercise, young families and wellness enthusiasts.

There is a risk of friction between the various user groups. But the design of the new Frederikssund Swimming Centre demonstrates that the difficult balancing act can be successful.

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Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming pool

A good pool creates the feeling of a summer swim

“Good swimming centres have to function effectively and have a welcoming atmosphere,” says Ernst Ulrich Tillmanns, CEO of architects 4a Architekten.

One way of achieving this is by using ceiling panels made of natural materials like wood, which ensure pleasant acoustics. And different areas can be highlighted using light and colour.

A successful example of this is the Vitalbad Kusel swimming centre and leisure park, where Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels are used in a number of custom colours to create a welcoming atmosphere. The project has been recognised with an ICONIC Award 2021.

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Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming pool

New outdoor baths must withstand harsh weather

There is a growing interest in outdoor bathing, and even in the cities old baths are being modernised or new ones being built. The baths have to satisfy the swimmers’ desire for comfort, but also withstand harsh weather.

Take a look at the award-winning fjord park in Aalborg and the unique Isfuglen clubhouse for winter bathers at Brøndby harbour outside Copenhagen.

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Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in sports facilities

Troldtekt contributes to a good swimming experience

Ceiling and walls clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels effectively absorb the sounds of splashing, shouting and playing, thus contributing to pleasant acoustics in swimming centres.

Cement-bonded wood wool panels are also durable, with a natural resistance to moisture. The flexible design options also offer considerable architectural freedom.

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Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

Flintholm Swimming Centre (DK)

Troldtekt acoustic panels withstand moisture and are therefore very suitable as acoustic ceiling and wall cladding in, for example, swimming pools

The new Flintholm Swimming Centre opened in 2017 and stands as a shining cubic building in the urban landscape. Troldtekt panels were chosen as an acoustic solution for ceilings and supplementary sections on walls, and a black-painted version was used in the foyer.

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Swimming Pool in Gensingen (DE)

Troldtekt acoustic panels in warm shades ensure optimal room acoustics and contribute to the feel-good atmosphere at renovated indoor swimming pool in Gensingen, Germany

The technical installations, sanitary facilities and design have been upgraded. A new colour theme runs from the changing rooms to the swimming pool – which includes Troldtekt acoustic panels in warm colours.

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Rulantica at Europa-Park in Rust (DE)

Troldtekt’s acoustic panels, which are suitable for wet-room use, excel in particular due to their excellent sound-absorbing properties

The new 40,000-square-metre water park is an adventure world for the whole family. It is tranquil inside thanks to rocks, decorative elements and Troldtekt acoustic panels, which were also used in the foyer and changing rooms.

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All senses are in play in a swimming centre

Creating a good swimming centre requires a functional awareness of the building’s mechanics and the human body’s reaction to the transition from dry to wet, according to Dan Cornelius, co-owner of Cornelius + Vöge. 

Together with Japanese Kengo Kuma & Associates, the studio has designed the new Waterfront Culture Centre to be built on Paper Island in Copenhagen’s harbour.

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Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming facilities

From outdated outdoor baths to award-winning fjord park

The outdoor baths on the shores of Limfjorden in Aalborg, Denmark, have been a recreational oasis since 1947. In 2017, the baths reopened after a major renovation, which has made the area attractive to many more users.

The modern outdoor baths are designed to make you want to come even if you don’t want to swim, according to Martin Nielsen, architect and partner at ADEPT. Vestre Fjordpark was among the finalists at the 2018 World Architecture Awards.

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Troldtekt Vestre Fjordpark

Ringkøbing Swimming Centre (DK)

Troldtekt Rinkoebing swimming hall

Following extensive renovation, the swimming centre has become a popular new attraction in the Danish town of Ringkøbing. Boasting a highly sustainable profile, the centre features solar cells, heat recovery systems and Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

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Balneon (DE)

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in swimming pool

The new Balneon indoor and open-air pool covers more than 1,500m2 water area and 850 m2 wellness area. Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels in a cheerful colour scheme provide acoustic benefits by reducing reverberation times.

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Stenungsund Arena (SE)


This modern multi-purpose arena in southern Sweden houses facilities for a wide range of sports. In the swimming hall the walls and ceiling have been clad in Troldtekt acoustic panels to provide the appropriate aesthetic expression and effective noise reduction.

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