Danish and German winners of the WOOD WOOL AWARD 2015™

1:a feb. 2016

Danish and German winners of the

Force4 Architects in Copenhagen and 4a Architekten in Stuttgart are the winners of the WOOD WOOL AWARD 2015. Troldtekt A/S is behind the competition, which honours contemporary architecture where wood wool panels enrich the architectural expression. A jury panel comprising internationally recognised architects has selected the two winners.

A beautifully located nature and culture facility in which wood wool panels have been used throughout – and a sports centre where wood wool panels in different colours feature as a key architectural ingredient. The two buildings in Denmark and Germany have recently been chosen as the winning entries for the WOOD WOOL AWARD 2015. Troldtekt A/S launched the competition in 2015 to mark the 80th anniversary of Troldtekt's wood wool acoustic panels. Architects and designers from all over the world then submitted their own projects in which wood wool panels enrich the architecture.   

Nature and culture facility in Krik: One vast room clad with wood wool panels
The new nature and culture facility on the north-west coast of Jutland has won in the Manufactured by Troldtekt category. The walls and eight-metre-high vaulted ceiling in the building’s main room are all clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels.
“Our aim was to create a vast space which felt as though it had been carved from a single material. Here, we found that Troldtekt was the most suitable material for the purpose,” says Andreas Lauesen (MAA), head architect and founding partner of Force4 Architects who designed the multipurpose facility.

Sports centre in Leonberg: Coloured wood wool panels designate functions
The redevelopment of a sports centre in Leonberg in southern Germany has won in the Other manufacturer category. Here, different coloured wood wool panels from Heradesign have been used to mark the building’s various functions.
“The challenge was to bring the late 1970s building up to date and equipped for the future. We chose wood wool because it has many outstanding properties. It greatly improves the acoustics, it is easy to work with, and we can use different colours in this large complex which serves many different purposes,” says Ernst Ulrich Tillmanns, architect and managing partner of 4a Architekten, which managed the renovation project.

Jury panel’s comments: In close contact with nature and interesting play of colours
The jury panel, who chose the two winners, was made up of:

  • David Gianotten (managing partner and architect, OMA, Netherlands)
  • Mikkel Frost (architect, co-founder and partner, CEBRA, Denmark)
  • David Basulto (architect, founder and editor-in-chief, ArchDaily, Chile).

David Basulto said the following about the two winning projects:

“We chose the nature and culture facility in Krik because of the simple choice of materials. It features the basic things you need to be in contact with nature – a roof and exterior metal cladding to protect against the elements, and an interior clad in wood wool panels for a warm and inviting feel.”

“In the sports centre in Leonberg, the architects saw the possibility of playing with colour and making the wood wool panels part of the building’s signature. They have shown that a material which is often chosen for its technical properties can also perform a different role through the application of colour.”

  • The competition was launched by Troldtekt A/S to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Troldtekt wood wool acoustic panel.
  • In autumn 2015, architects from all over the world were able to submit their own projects, in which the visible use of wood wool panels enriches the architectural design. 
  • The two winning projects have each received a EUR 5,000 prize.

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