Press 2018

18:e dec. 2018

Spanish architecture students win Troldtekt Award

Enrique Villamuelas and Rita Lancho Moreno from the ETSAM School of Architecture in Madrid won the 2018 Troldtekt Award with their ‘Coral’ project. In the competition, students from all over the world have presented innovative ideas, rethinking the way Danish Troldtekt acoustic panels are used. The jury selected the winner among 53 creative entries - and also awarded a special prize to Sweden.

17:e okt. 2018

Troldtekt inspires at Dutch Design Week

Europe’s biggest exhibition of materials for circular building is going on display at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Here, up to 300,000 visitors will be able to see the Danish company Troldtekt’s acoustic panels, which are made from natural raw materials and are the obvious choice for sustainable construction.

28:e sep. 2018

Cultural display window gets good acoustics with Troldtekt

Tingbjerg’s new cultural centre has a remarkable architecture that sets it apart - offering people on the outside a view of what is happening in the many different rooms. Large spaces combined with small hidden nooks provide the setting for social activities, and throughout the building, Troldtekt panels bring calm to the bustle of activity.

26:e sep. 2018

Troldtekt Award 2018 for creative students

Troldtekt A/S invites creative design and architecture students from all over the world to participate in the Troldtekt Award 2018. The aim of the competition is to get the talents’ ideas on new ways to use Troldtekt acoustic panels. Two renowned architects will assess the ideas received - and the winner will receive EUR 5,000.

24:e sep. 2018

Circle House aims to pave the way for circular construction

Circle House involves 60 public housing units, that are to be built according to circular principles. A show house is already being opened to demonstrate the concept, which is the first of its kind in the world. Troldtekt A/S is a partner in Circle House - and the company’s CEO hopes the project will help more people in the industry see the potential for re-use.

23:e aug. 2018

Troldtekt ensures quietness and fresh air for The Heart

In the Danish town of Ikast, lively dancing, street basketball and quiet reflection can all take place at the same time in the new sustainable multi-purpose community centre The Heart, which is being inaugurated on 8 September 2018. Here, Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are helping to ensure superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate for all the various activities.

21:a aug. 2018

Black is the new black in architecture

A few years ago, Nordic interiors were dominated by light and pale colours. They are now being replaced by black and dark materials. In an online theme from Troldtekt A/S, a trend researcher and leading architects take a close look at the new trend.

27:e jun. 2018

DGNB-certified social housing gets Troldtekt ceilings

Troldtekt acoustic panels are being installed in 40 new social housing units on Funen, ensuring both good acoustics and contributing to the project’s sustainability certification.

19:e jun. 2018

Sorting and new technology bring tangible gains

In 2017, Troldtekt A/S produced more acoustic panels than in 2016, but generated less waste for incineration. At the same time, a new painting facility has reduced paint wastage in production by 70 per cent. Both these positive developments are in line with the company’s focus on Cradle to Cradle and the UN global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

15:e jun. 2018

Community centres of the future

In large cities as well as small local communities, multi-purpose cultural centres are today’s informal meeting places. Here, local citizens come together for sports, to eat together, for cultural events - and everything in-between. In an online theme from Troldtekt A/S, leading experts and architects share their knowledge about multi-purpose cultural centres.

12:e apr. 2018

Touring exhibition provides inspiration for circular construction

Europe’s largest exhibition of materials designed for circular construction is now travelling to the international building exhibition Building Holland in Amsterdam. Acoustic panels from Troldtekt A/S have been selected for the Reversible Experience Modules exhibition, which was also at ecobuild in London.

6:e apr. 2018

Innovative architecture is good for mental health

Can the design of psychiatric hospitals minimise the use of physical restraint? A new Troldtekt A/S theme gives you the experts’ answer. Read, among other things, an interview with architect Christian Karlsson about the considerations behind the internationally recognised psychiatric hospital in the Danish town of Slagelse.