Wall panels for good acoustics

Wall design has a major impact on a room’s overall look. Have you considered choosing wall cladding that enhances the aesthetics and comfort of the architecture?  

Troldtekt acoustic panels are the natural choice for one or more walls in a room if you want to combine unique design and good acoustics.

When you choose Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool as a wall cladding for acoustic control, you can also add a look to the room that matches your style.

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6 good reasons for choosing Troldtekt® wall cladding

Examples of how others have clad their walls

Troldtekt rhomb, Wissenberg


In designing the offices for the engineering company Wissenberg A/S in a former industrial building in Nørrebro, a cosmopolitan district of Copenhagen, a key focus point was creating a sense of openness and a good working environment. The Troldtekt rhomb wall by the stairs has improved the acoustics and has a strongly unifying effect.
Troldtekt Acoustic Panels Tingbjerg Library

Tingbjerg Cultural Centre

The opening of Tingbjerg Library/Cultural Centre establishes a bold new focal point for the Tingbjerg neighbourhood in north-west Copenhagen. A simple architectural design bids you inside; on entering the library and cultural centre, it opens up, and you immediately sense the place as a warm and secure environment.
Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties

Velux Collection

It was in the Danish town of Østbirk that the window production was established in 1946, and now you can experience the story of VELUX and the path to building with more daylight and for a better indoor climate. The VELUX Collection in Østbirk is highly informative as well as being an aesthetic experience.
Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties

Randers Arkitekten

Randers Arkitekten has transformed the building in which the firm is based from a dedicated commercial property into a mix of offices and exclusive residential units. The project has been strongly focused on creating green and sustainable solutions, resulting in the company’s premises being classified as the first Active House architectural office in Denmark.
Troldtekt, Eura swimming baths, Finland

Eura Leisure Centre

Eura is located in western Finland. The area is one of the most distinguished places in Finland in terms of prehistoric findings and archaeological remains. Now the region also has a new, colourful swimming and sports centre.
Troldtekt Arkivenes Hus Stavanger

Arkivenes Hus

Archive House is a unique building where the historical documents and records of the city of Stavanger and other places are stored and studied. Unusually, the 6600sqm of archive storage area is sited underground and almost equals the 8100sqm of working and public areas above.

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