Acoustic regulation with flexible design options

Troldtekt, Flexible design solutions

Troldtekt is an authentic material with a very distinctive surface structure. The many different colours, structuresedge designs and suspension systems which are available allow you considerable freedom to design ceiling and wall surfaces using Troldtekt.

The award-winning series of Troldtekt design solutions combines superior acoustics with distinctive design. The design solutions are industrially produced with special patterns or shapes, among other things using CNC technology.

Choosing Troldtekt acoustic ceilings also allows you to integrate lighting into the actual ceiling surface.

Multifunctional and elegant acoustic ceilings are now a reality.


Troldtekt® design solutions

A Troldtekt design solution allows you to combine superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with a distinctive and stylish look.

You can create your own patterns and rhythms in the design – and vary and scale the designs as you wish. This gives you great freedom to harmonise form and function in all types of buildings.

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