Project solutions with Troldtekt®

Project solutions

Troldtekt project solutions are examples of special solutions that we have produced for specific projects. The solutions are not included in our standard range, but show some of our options when developing customer-specific solutions.

Contact our sales department if you have an idea for a special solution for a specific project.

The Troldtekt design line gives ceilings and walls an architecturally exclusive look

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Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in office buildings

The classic Troldtekt acoustic panel. For ceiling and wall cladding in all types of building.

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Troldtekt® Plus

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in school buildings

Two-layer acoustic panel with a backing layer of sealed mineral wool. A time and space saving acoustic solution.

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Troldtekt® design solutions

Project solutions

Troldtekt design solutions combine good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with expression and character.

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Troldtekt® A2

Troldtekt Mehrweckhalle Neustadt

Non-combustible acoustic panel for the use in areas where there are stricter fire safety regulations, such as in means of escape.

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