Acoustic ceilings with low-pressure ventilation

Troldtekt® ventilation

Troldtekt ventilation provides fresh air without drafts, noise or visible installations. At the same time, the solution can reduce energy consumption by more than 70 per cent compared to traditional ventilation systems.

Troldtekt ventilation has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2019.

Akustiklofter med Troldtekt ventilation giver frisk luft uden træk, støj og synlige installationer

Troldtekt ventilation

Troldtekt ventilation is based on low-pressure air supplied through a ventilation ceiling. It is a comprehensive solution that ensures efficient indoor climate control while allowing more air changes and a higher cooling effect than traditional ventilation systems. Minimum pressure loss through the ceiling ensures even air distribution in the room.

A system with active and passive panels
The ventilation ceiling comprises a combination of active and passive Troldtekt acoustic panels. Fresh air is supplied into the room via the active panels. The passive panels have sealed mineral wool glued to the rear side, which prevents any air flow. The solution is completely free of visible ventilation ducts and fittings.

The size of the room determines the distribution of the two panel types, but usually 10-20 per cent of the ceiling is made up of active panels.

The injection surface is thus considerably larger than that in most traditional ventilation systems, where  air flows in through ventilation ducts. This means that you avoid discomfort from draughts, while the low pressure ensures significantly reduced energy consumption.

Dimensions and installation 

Troldtekt ventilation, dimensions 

The suspended ventilation ceiling is only approx. 200 mm thick, but makes it possible to hide all other installations and technical fittings (for example water, heating, electricity and sprinklers) in the cavity between the ceiling and the ventilation surface.

Thanks to the flexible suspension system, it is simple to remove the panels, providing easy access in order to replace or inspect the installations.

Download technical data sheet for Troldtekt ventilation.

Healthy and comfortable 
A good indoor climate is important for health. At the same time, the indoor climate needs to be comfortable, and this is where the thermal indoor climate plays an important role. The thermal indoor climate depends in particular on the operating temperature and air flow.

The operating temperature is determined by the air temperature and the temperature effects of the building surfaces (mean radiant temperature). The air flow depends on the air temperature and the stability of the air flow (turbulence intensity). Both factors are controllable with Troldtekt ventilation ceilings.

Troldtekt ventilation ceilings achieve better heat exchange between the supply air, the air in the rooms and the building mass than with traditional low-pressure systems. This means that you avoid down draughts and improve the mean radiant temperature.

Low-pressure ventilation
Troldtekt ventilation ceilings are based on low-pressure ventilation. In other words, the air flow from the ceiling towards the zone in use is gentle and does not disturb the air in the room, as it does with, for example, mixing ventilation.

Moreover, with Troldtekt ventilation ceilings, higher air volumes can be added and at temperatures substantially below room temperature – i.e. with greater cooling effect – than with traditional ventilation systems. These cooling effects can normally only be achieved through a combination of ventilation and cooling ceilings.