DanSticks® by Troldtekt

DanSticks® for battening

DanSticks® by Troldtekt are battens for battening all Troldtekt acoustic panels. The battens ensure easy and stable acclimatisation of the acoustic panels before installation.


How to use DanSticks®

  • Place the first acoustic panel on a horizontal surface with good support (e.g. a pallet or battens).
  • Place three DanSticks on the panel – one in the middle and one close to each end – and then place the next panel as precisely on top as possible.
  • Continue until you have an even stack of acoustic panels approx. one metre in height.


DanSticks are made of recyclable plastic, they are easy to clean and can be used again and again to make the most of resources.

A box of DanSticks contains 120 battens. Each batten measures 10 x 20 x 620 mm. For battening a pallet of 80 Troldtekt acoustic panels (600x1200 mm), use two boxes.

Troldtekt Storage And Acclimatisation En 2020

DanSticks® by Troldtekt Se i filmen, hvordan du bruger DanSticks til oppinding af Troldtekt akustikplader.

DanSticks® by Troldtekt