Det Blå Rum

Fuglsang Sø is a lake that lies a little to the northwest of Herning’s town centre. The 70-acre lake is man-made, and the idea for it arose when large amounts of sand were needed 20 years ago for a new motorway project. The sand was replaced by water, and an attractive nature area with considerable recreational value has now been created.

On the eastern shore of the lake, a visionary and sustainable activity centre was established in 2021, which collectively bears the name Det Blå Rum – or The Blue Room. A striking arrangement of buildings occupies the site and helps to give the place its very own identity. The two longitudinal buildings are constructed from wood, and angled in relation to each other to create a triangular space between them that opens up towards the water. Moreover, at the end of one of the bathing jetties is a sauna, which also functions as a viewing platform.

Close contact between outside and inside

The 250-square-metre main building includes a communal room with space for approx. 50 people. There is a beautifully integrated kitchen, tasteful fixtures and access to a large covered patio with views of the lake. The acoustics are second to none, with Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey and with a fine structure installed on the ceiling in the room and also on the patio. It also reinforces the contact between the outside and inside that the ceiling continues in the same material through the glass gable.

The main building also has a foyer, changing rooms and toilets for all the different associations that use the facility. Det Blå Rum serves, among other things, as a base for two winter bathing clubs as well as a triathlon club, an angling club and a kayaking club. The long depot building to the south is therefore used to store boats as well as housing a maintenance workshop.

To ensure that Det Blå Rum’s carbon footprint is as small as possible, all the materials have been assessed in an analysis model that is used for sustainable buildings, and which describes the materials’ path ‘from cradle to grave’. The buildings are fitted with solar cells and battery packs, which even in the winter meet a significant part of energy consumption.



Det Blå Rum is an activity centre on the eastern shore of Fuglsang Sø, a lake situated near Herning.

Supported by four foundations: Realdania. Lokale- og Anlægsfonden, Nordea Fonden and Ege Fonden.