Paustian Showroom & Restaurant

Paustian’s Furniture Showroom and Restaurant, completed in 1987, was Kim Utzon’s first major building project and serves as a milestone in the use of precast concrete elements in Danish architecture.

Troldtekt, Paustian
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

The project was carried out in close collaboration with his father Jørn Utzon and his brother Jan. The client, Ole Paustian, had a successful business selling furniture and design in Copenhagen and wanted a building on the waterfront that complemented the exclusive selection.

The 2,000-square-metre building is characterised by the extensive use of white-painted, unpolished concrete, primarily in the form of standard elements, combined to create a surprisingly powerful and poetic spatial composition.

The main space is characterised by tall, narrow columns that allude to the beech woods of Denmark. The affiliated restaurant is more intimate, with eight deep window bays, giving the space a grand, yet simple beauty.