Urban restaurant in Ørestad

Rambla Grill & Bar is located on Arne Jacobsens Allé, in the heart of Ørestad, a vibrant new neighbourhood close to the Copenhagen city centre. Spanish-inspired cuisine is served in the high-ceilinged rooms, which offer a peaceful atmosphere and views of the street life outside.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in restaurant
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Rambla Grill & Bar is situated close to Royal Arena and Fields, adjacent to one of the district’s main arterial roads. A line of trees and a canal separate the eatery from the street and create space for a large covered patio where Rambla’s guests can enjoy lunch or a drink.

The restaurant has both a lunch and dinner menu, and space for up to 120 diners, as well as a function room. The large, high-ceilinged room at the corner of the building is bathed in daylight from multiple directions. The bar and counter are located in the elongated part of the restaurant, facing the street, while most of the tables are found at the back of the restaurant.

Restaurant owner Timo Hoffman notes: “It was important to me for the venue to be in character with the neighbourhood – new, raw and with this boundless sense that ‘the sky is the limit’ both inside and in the street outside.”

Balanced interior

The bare concrete walls have therefore been left untouched, and the full ceiling height has been retained. Good, comfortable acoustics are ensured by the grey Troldtekt acoustic panels installed on the ceilings, which are both sound-absorbing and carefully tailored to the rest of the interior design.

The raw grey surfaces contrast nicely with the atmospheric lighting from round brass pendant lamps hung relatively low and acting as a cohesive element throughout the restaurant. Some chairs are covered with cognac-coloured leather, perfectly complementing the other furnishings. A stylish and elegant interior with a distinctive edge of Spanish charm close to the heart of Ørestad.