From warehouse to meeting place

Surrounded by new apartment blocks, the old warehouse sits like an island from a bygone era. ‘Pakhuset’ has been beautifully refurbished, and given a new lease of life as a place to meet at Nobelholmen, a new waterside residential development in central Copenhagen. The ground floor and basement are occupied by the restaurant Herkomst and the Nobel Bar, while the upper three floors are dedicated office space.

In the waterfront area Enghave Brygge, the former head office and storage facilities of the environmental and recycling company Uniscrap are now home to the inviting restaurant Herkomst. Here, a special ambience combining stylish interiors with that rustic warehouse feel has been created in a large and expansive space that boasts windows on both facades. The raw walls and columns are part of the building’s history and clear evidence of its former role. A stunning wood plank floor brings everything together, and contrasts beautifully with the raw surfaces.

The ceiling is clad in Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey, contributing more shades of the natural colours that generally characterise the restaurant. Superior acoustics are, of course, necessary in a large eating venue, where Troldtekt is an effective sound-absorber. To create a separate area for parties, a thick curtain has been suspended as a partition.


Restaurant Herkomst

The furniture is predominantly classic designs, while the lighting is more modern, creating the right ambience with spots and paper lamps at the bar. Herkomst serves both lunch and dinner, while the Nobel bar in the basement opens late afternoon.

Its rustic basement location emphasises the pub-like atmosphere. Here, the decor combines sturdy wood furniture, grey Troldtekt ceilings and end-grain flooring. ‘Pakhuset’ also has a large terrace, which is the perfect place to meet for lunch or a drink on a warm summer’s day.

Enghave Brygge has been developed by NPV A/S, and now comprises six islands for 1,100 homes and 3,500 workplaces.