Relaxed waterfront dining

A wealth of new housing is being built in the Aarhus Docklands, and accompanying it is a lively new district. The marina environment is one of the attractions, and it is the location of Restaurant KP5 with stunning waterfront views in a space that has previously housed other restaurants.

Troldtekt ceiling panels ensure good acoustics in Restaurant KP5 in the Aarhus Docklands, and also contribute to the intimate and cosy atmosphere of the place
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The many new residents of the Aarhus Docklands now have the opportunity to enjoy good French-inspired cuisine in their own neighbourhood at the inviting Restaurant KP5.

The restaurant has spacious interiors that can also accommodate groups, but in good weather diners can sit on the terrace that runs the length of the entire building. The terrace is slightly elevated above street level, allowing diners to follow the life of the marina and also enjoy views of the forest and the bay. The same view can naturally be had from inside and it is one of the restaurant’s best features.

Sophisticated contrast in the décor

The restaurant is characterised by special, panoramic views that also introduce plenty of daylight to the space, but at the same time the restaurant exudes an intimate and cosy vibe. The vaulted ceiling features white Troldtekt panels that ensure good acoustics in the restaurant.

Rows of copper-coloured lamps create an elegant coherence in the restaurant and work together with the dark floors and furniture to create a warm atmosphere. This creates a sophisticated contrast between the generous natural light and the somewhat weighty décor.

The new restaurant is owned and operated by the people behind VinDanmark and Bistro Goulo in Hantwerk, both of which are established food and wine destinations in the area, which now draws many of the city’s residents to the waterfront and Aarhus Docklands.