Sustainable offices for green think tank

The green, liberal think tank Fores in Sweden is a bridge-builder between politics, research and the business community. On arriving for meetings and events at Fores’ Stockholm office, visitors are met by sustainable elements from floor to ceiling. And Troldtekt’s design solutions play a key role.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in commercial properties
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Fores in Stockholm epitomises sustainable development. The think tank is a prominent player in the Swedish debate about green initiatives – arranging conferences, seminars and publications, and its offices in the heart of Stockholm are designed to support these activities.  All the furnishing materials, from the carpets on the floor to the chairs and the ceilings, have a sustainable profile. This is extremely important from the point of view of inspiring visitors and people coming for meetings.

“At Fores, we want to show the way in terms of sustainability. Not just in the way we think, and the reports we publish, or the materials that we prepare for politicians, but also as a meeting place,” says Fores CEO Mattias Goldmann.

“We want to build bridges between politicians, businesses and the research community by taking part in academic discussions, but also to support bridge-building through the physical environment where meetings take place.  Moreover, it’s important that the meeting venue signals sustainability and climate responsibility,” he adds.

Impressed by Troldtekt

Fores is based on Kungsholmen, a stone’s throw from Stockholm City Hall and with waterfront views. Stepping inside the offices and looking upwards, visitors are immediately reminded of where they are. The Fores name is milled directly into the elegant Troldtekt line acoustic ceiling in several places.

“At Fores, we’re very impressed with Troldtekt, and we chose their solutions because they use Norway spruce which grows in Scandinavia and is a biological raw material, because the product is Cradle to Cradle-certified, and because Troldtekt uses 100 per cent wind power in its production,” says Mattias Goldmann. 

“We have Troldtekt panels on our walls and ceilings. I think it’s important, and when something is right in front of your nose, it means that we can tell people to also think about sustainability and the climate when considering the acoustics. This is the message we always want to convey,” says the CEO.

A Troldtekt design solution has also been chosen for the wall. Here, the Troldtekt rhomb mini version – with its rhomb-shaped pattern in shades of grey, black and white — creates a three-dimensional effect.

Better decision-making

In addition to the sustainability aspects, Troldtekt panels also contribute to ensuring superior acoustics, and thus to more qualified discussions in the Fores offices – both at working meetings with just a few participants and at large-scale events where Fores hosts up to 250 visitors at a time. 

Mattias Goldmann:

“For a satisfactory meeting or event, it’s important that you don’t suffer listener fatigue, that will make you want to leave the room. This is what it was like when we first moved into the building, with its hard stone floors and the noise of traffic outside. However, with the acoustic panels which have now been installed, this is a good place for meetings, and just what we wanted. A place where people meet and develop together. Better acoustics ensure better discussions and thus better decision-making.”

Watch the video in which Fores CEO Mattias Goldmann describes how the sustainable Troldtekt ceiling and wall panels support the think tank’s philosophy, while also ensuring good acoustics during the many meetings and events that take place in the Fores building.