Herford’s most modern office block

Meet, get creative, work together and have fun – all this is possible in the modern Lui House in Herford (North Rhine-Westphalia), the perfect place for workshops, celebrations and co-working.

Photo: Laura Thiesbrummel

The exterior of this four-storey new build in the vibrant Marta district around the Marta Museum for Contemporary Art impresses with its architectural design in the style of the brickwork culture of the 1920s and 1930s.

One of its particularly striking features is the orangey-red hard-burnt facade bricks made in Denmark especially for the new office building and positioned over the smooth brick plinth. These have been intentionally laid the wrong way round so that the mortar joint is visible. The protruding dark steel plate porches accentuate the charming industrial character of the building.

Energy concept

The energy concept is based on a holistic, sustainable approach, which focuses on life cycle costs. The building is powered by a 16.5 KWp photovoltaic system and is also self-sufficient for peak coverage. The entire building is heated and cooled by two heat pumps connected to a deep geothermal energy system. All of the concrete ceilings are activated for cooling. The complex is heated by underfloor heating. The ventilation system has a heat recovery rate of over 90%.

The window shading systems are controlled automatically by a central control unit with sun tracking; alternatively each window can be controlled separately. A Bluetooth-controlled lighting system allows rooms to be lit individually. This includes functions such as dimming, fading, setting the light colour, as well as setting characteristic scenes which can be operated on each floor using an iPad. Other features include two e-charging points for cars and e-bikes.

Comfortable working on four levels

The inside of the Lui House, which has been nominated for the Best Workspace 2022 architecture award, offers space for modern, comfortable working and all kinds of events on four levels. There is a 200 m2 ‘think tank’, including a spacious roof terrace with outdoor kitchen. There is also a café with an outdoor seating area on the ground floor.
The meeting rooms and offices of varying sizes exude an aesthetic and inspiring ambience and feature high-quality furnishings and top-class media technology.

Charming atmosphere designed for wellbeing

Comfortable padded chairs and armchairs, leather sofas and hanging chairs in discreet colours and various designs are combined with light stone floors and carpets and highlight the homely and personal atmosphere throughout the new build.
The ceiling panels in natural grey, to which perforations of different sizes have been added by the client and which, in combination with lots of round lights, give the rooms a special charm, are perfectly tailored to the overall concept and form an important design element.