Sound absorption with visual effect

At Schødt Arkitekter in Copenhagen, sound absorption and decoration go hand in hand.

Troldtekt, Schødt Architects
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The architectural practice is housed in an old building from the 1950s, which was originally used as a laboratory.

All the rooms have concrete floors and ceilings, and the hard surfaces presented an acoustic challenge. Acoustic regulation was therefore necessary, and Troldtekt acoustic panels have now been installed on the ceilings.

At the same time, the entire length of the end wall has been clad using the design solution Troldtekt rhomb mini, which in addition to its sound-absorbing properties also adds an attractive decorative element in the open-plan office environment.

“The visual effect adds depth to the room, while also ensuring particularly effective sound absorption,” explains Søren Schødt, who owns the business.