Gærtovet’s office block

The Carlsberg City District is developing into a varied and vibrant neighbourhood in the centre of Copenhagen. The new office block on the corner of Vesterfælledvej and Ny Carlsberg Vej helps to clearly define the area, and a new inner plaza has emerged.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The Visma office building is known as E.C. Hansen Hus, named after Emil Christian Hansen, a pioneering yeast scientist who worked at the Carlsberg laboratory.  In fact, the building’s address is Gærtorvet (‘yeast square’). Although many new buildings are being built in the Carlsberg City District, they are built with respect for the history and architecture of the former brewery site. Accordingly, E.C. Hansen Hus sports intricate brickwork and patinated brass as a nod to some of the old Carlsberg buildings. 

The ground floor is open, with several entrances and multiple glazed sections. Above this, the body of the building has a more massive look, with three storeys of offices, topped off with a penthouse. The appearance of the building is highly harmonious, yet with superbly varied façade design. The two courtyards and the atrium are distinguished with vertical slats in the façade along Vesterfælledvej.

Interior of contrasts

The 16,000 square metre building is arranged simply around an atrium near the main entrance with courtyards on both sides. The major spatial distinctions assist with navigation and provide employees working in the building with visual variety, plus ample daylight. Grey Troldtekt ceilings throughout ensure good acoustics and a pleasant atmosphere in the otherwise open and bare interior, with visible ceiling installations and bare concrete walls. The floors on all the storeys are wooden, except for the ground floor where the canteen is located, with dining areas both in the atrium and looking out on the street corner.