A designer home

Nanna Holm Bissø and Rasmus Degn are both professional designers. Recently, they completed their own dream home in Solbjerg, having designed and built everything inside themselves. 

Photo: Tommy Kosior

The family of four took over a half-finished house in Solbjerg in East Jutland, where only the raw foundations, walls and roof had been done. However, for Nanna Holm Bissø and Rasmus Degn, who are both employed at the Aarhus-based interior design company Ambiente, it was a minor problem.

“For us, designing and building are the fun bits. It took us about six months, as we did all the building work ourselves, working evenings and weekends on the project,” says Rasmus Degn.

“While negotiating about buying the house, I spent the time drawing sketches in 3D, so we had a roadmap for the design of the kitchen, ceilings, furniture and everything,” says Nanna Holm Bissø.

The main structure was designed by the architects KAARK, in Odder.

An interior that says “Wow!”

The designer couple fell for the house’s warm, red-brown brick facades. Inside, the different floor levels and zones attracted them to the property. In addition, the property has large windows in the kitchen, which can be fully opened, enabling you to step onto the patio, which has yet to be built. All the floors are made of polished concrete.

The bathrooms are clad in large travertine tiles, which were cut to size by the Italian manufacturer to match the width of the room, and with skylights above the shower.

“We wanted a house that’s full of surprises. It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, but the idea was that it should catch your attention and have a few places where you go ‘Wow!’. Examples of eye-catching elements are the built-in shelves in the sitting room which extend from floor to ceiling, and our coffee niche, which we preferred to a fireplace,” says Rasmus Degn.

However, the practicalities of everyday living have also played a role; after all, with two children, a cat and busy jobs, it’s no use not being able to walk around with shoes on.

Classic with a twist

Even though the couple are used to working with design, building a house is a huge project.

“The fact that we both work professionally with interior design has been a big plus. It’s a big advantage that we know about so many materials, and have tested them in connection with our day jobs,” says Nanna Holm Bissø.

They describe their style and choice of materials as classic with a twist. For example, the kitchen in linoleum and browned brass. Also, the travertine kitchen worktop, which mirrors the light hues of the bathroom tiles, is extremely functional and long-lasting.

Raw and natural with Troldtekt

The same applies to the choice of classic Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey, as the grey shades harmonise beautifully with the other elements. 

“We chose natural grey, as it is neither too dark nor too shiny. Natural grey is inherently warm, and we like the raw and natural look, and the resulting play of colour depending on the light,” says Rasmus Degn.

In fact, the couple has taken great pains with the colours, and both the curtain rails and the speakers are painted in the same colour as the screws in the ceiling. In addition, they have chosen lighting rails which are integrated in the Troldtekt acoustic panels.

“Even though I’d designed the interior in 3D, it’s completely different in real life, but we’re really happy with the choices we’ve made. The concrete floor might be a bit hard, and there is a lot of glass, but it is nevertheless a warm and cosy home,” says Nanna Holm Bissø.