A school created by its pupils and teachers

Brogårdaskolan in Bjuv in Sweden is a unique example of how play and learning can form perfect synergies. The building of the school has been a trailblazing project where both pupils and teachers have been involved in its realisation.

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Photo: Matilda Kjell

Expectations were high when the new Brogårdaskolan in Bjuv in northern Skåne opened its doors at the beginning of 2019. The school building is the municipality’s largest financial investment in recent times and is created in collaboration with NCC and the architect company Codesign. The school is a trailblazer within innovative school building and will play a part in putting Bjuv on the map and attracting more newcomers to the area.

The new school has been built as an extension of the original building and consists of a three-part brick house closely linked to the surrounding nature and with a beautiful and natural light. It accommodates 470 students from 0. to 6. grade

Built by its users
“Imagine if children and teachers could be involved in designing their own schools.” This idea in particular has been the logical basis of Brogårdaskolan’s construction, where both children, teachers and parents have been involved in the process – from the first sketches to the school’s completion – which took a little more than two years. 

Because the school provides the framework for much of the children’s everyday life, it is meant to be both homely and cosy. For this reason, the school was built as a three-part house with separate entrances and classrooms, and with an enclosed outdoor area for each class.

The school also has designated areas where it is possible for the students to let their creativity run wild. Among other things, there is a large indoor climbing tower and an amphitheatre that can be used for both teaching and play.

The best conditions for learning
Unique classrooms, colourful communal areas and the opportunity to teach both indoors and outdoors are three of the features that Brogårdaskolan offers. The focal point of the school’s design has been to break with traditional approaches to learning and create new, stimulating teaching opportunities.

As a result, almost all rooms and furniture – indoors as well as outdoors – can be used for teaching purposes. The young pupils have cabin-like classrooms, and there are separate study places and rooms where students can immerse themselves alone or in groups. The furniture, too, has been designed according to the pupils’ different learning needs – for example, there are different chairs that have been tailored to how the students concentrate best.

All over the school the noise-reducing floors contribute to a good indoor climate and superior acoustics along with the ceilings and walls clad in Troldtekt acoustic panels.