Theme: Innovation

Innovation is part and parcel of the work of architects. The words are those of Lone Wiggers, a partner of the architectural firm C.F. Møller. Read the full interview in this new theme in which also German Design Council's CEO, Andrej Kupetz, gives his views on new design trends.

Troldtekt’s own competition, the Troldtekt Award 2016, has attracted many innovative entries from architecture and design students worldwide. See the winning project, and read more about the competition.

Theme: Offices

Skype meetings and knowledge sharing via mobile phone. Digital forms of collaboration are placing new demands on the design, acoustics and indoor climate of the physical office.

Read an interview with Philip Tidd, an expert in office design at Gensler, a global consulting firm. He emphasises that the office of the future must have several places where employees can concentrate, collaborate and learn.

Watch an inspiring TED talk on acoustics, and see examples of how new design solutions from Troldtekt can combine good acoustics and unique design in the office.

Troldtekt, Soenderborg Office

Theme: Restaurants

Did you know that noise and music have a bearing on our sense of taste? And that poor acoustics can cost stars in restaurant reviews?

Read an interview with Professor Charles Spence from the University of Oxford. In it, he explains why dedicated chefs should also take an interest in sound and acoustics.

Learn how food critics also consider sound levels when reviewing the restaurants they visit.

See how Noma’s Australian pop up-restaurant, the restaurant boat Black Louis (Sorte Louis) and the Tower Restaurant at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen all use acoustic ceilings to create the best possible environments for their guests.

Troldtekt - NOMA Australia

Theme: Design

Raw natural materials such as stone and wood are becoming more widespread in global architecture. When used correctly, such materials can enhance a building's design, while also improving the experience for users. Chilean architect and chief editor of ArchDaily, David Basulto, talks about this on this theme page. 

See also how two studios have used cement-bonded wood wool to achieve a unique look in a new Danish culture centre and a renovated German sports centre. They have just won the WOOD WOOL AWARD™ 2015, which Troldtekt launched to acknowledge the use of cement-bonded wood wool in modern architecture.

WOOD WOOL AWARD winner Krik nature and cultural centre

Theme: Sustainable building

Sustainable building can be measured using a number of certifications which have been introduced in recent years. 

On this theme page, Associate Professor Tine Steen Larsen PhD from Aalborg University in Denmark describes the five key certifications. In addition, you can read about Google’s new database Portico, which will make it easy to choose smart and healthy materials for Google’s buildings. 

troldtekt themes Sustainable Construction