How can Troldtekt wood wool panels be used in completely new ways? Start up your creative engine – soon, it’s your job to think, rethink and innovate.

The Troldtekt Award is a biennial concept competition for international students of design and architecture. As a participant, your job is to explore Troldtekt acoustic panels and find new uses that are not only creative but also possible to realise in practice.

The winning project is awarded a prize of 5,000 Euro!

You can impose colours, shapes or something completely different to the Troldtekt products – it’s all up to your imagination. Good luck!

Troldtekt Award 2018 opens for registration on 1 October 2018. Stay tuned >

Troldtekt Award 2018
Troldtetk Award 2012

Troldtekt® Award

In 2010, Troldtekt could celebrate its 75th anniversary with an introduction to the Troldtekt Award. The concept competition was for Danish students of architecture and the goal of the competition was to find new creative uses for Troldtekt.

In 2012, we opened the competition for all international students of design and architecture. The competition for the Troldtekt Award involved incorporating Troldtekt into an architectural project in a completely new and original way. The only condition was that Troldtekt was incorporated in a key and innovative way. In other words, participants could choose to impose colours, shapes, their imagination or something completely different on the Troldtekt products.

In 2014 and 2016, Troldtekt also invited all architectural and design students from all over the world to participate in the Troldtekt Award competition. The most creative idea for using our acoustic panels was awarded a cash prize of EUR 5,000.