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Troldtekt® is cement-bonded wood wool panels that ensure good acoustics in any room.

Our acoustic panels are manufactured using nature's own materials - wood and cement.

This provides a healthy and strong material with unique sound absorbing properties.

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Troldtekt is cement-bonded wood wool panels that ensure good acoustics in any room
The Troldtekt product generator provides a quick overview of all available acoustic panels from Troldtekt.

Product generator

The Troldtekt product generator provides a quick overview of all available Troldtekt products. By simply clicking your way through the options – colour, structure, installation details etc. - you specify your desired product. You are also provided with autocad drawings and an installation instruction for the specific product, ready to download. 


Click through the gallery and enjoy the images from a large variety of international building projects, combining great architecture and great acoustics.

In the accompanying case studies builders and architects share their experiences and results with Troldtekt.

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Good acoustics

An important part of a good and healthy indoor climate is efficient sound absorption.
Troldtekt is known for its excellent sound absorption properties, which help to reduce noise and create good acoustics in every room.

Troldtekt ceilings installed in KKG, Norway
Troldtekt acoustic calculator

Acoustics calculator

The Troldtekt acoustics calculator provides you with a quick overview of the acoustics in a room. Just type in your room data – measurements and material – and the acoustics calculator will generate a precise overview of reverberation time and absorption area, as well as other relevant information about acoustics.