Structure and colours

You have the option of choosing an acoustic ceiling in three structures for different looks. You can also choose whether the ceiling should be an extension of natural colours, classic white or a more atmospheric colour.


The width of the wood wool determines the distinctive Troldtekt structure. Troldtekt is available in extreme fine, ultrafine and fine structure.

Extreme fine

0.5 mm wood wool


1.0 mm wood wool


1.5 mm wood wool


Troldtekt acoustic panels are available in two basic variants:

> natural grey (FUTURECEM™), based on the cement type FUTURECEM

> natural wood based on white cement

Both types of basic panels are available unpainted or painted in standard or custom colours. All Troldtekt panels in natural and standard colours are Cradle to Cradle Certified® at gold level.

Difference in the carbon footprint

The two base panels have the same properties, but the panels in natural grey based on FUTURECEM have a carbon footprint that, over the entire product life cycle, is 38 per cent lower than for Troldtekt panels in natural wood based on white cement.

Natural grey (FUTURECEM) also has a carbon footprint, that over the product’s entire life cycle, is 26 per cent lower than Troldtekt based on traditional grey cement. We have therefore decided to phase out traditional grey cement, so that from 2024 we will only offer natural grey (FUTURECEM).

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in cultural architecture
Photo: Troldtekt line i grå natur (FUTURECEM)
Sound-absorbing Troldtekt acoustic panels in school buildings
Photo: Troldetekt line i lys natur

Troldtekt in natural grey (FUTURECEM)

Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM is suitable as a base panel for painting with both light and dark colours. However, if you choose white 101 (FUTURECEM), you will find that the white-painted panel will have a slightly darker colour tone than if you choose white 101 on a natural wood base panel.

About colour variations

Unpainted Troldtekt panels in natural grey (FUTURECEM) are only available for building projects. They can vary in colour – both across the individual panel and from panel to panel. Other building materials, such as wooden floors, bricks, concrete elements and in-situ cast concrete, have the same characteristics. Natural iridescence is often an important aesthetic component of the overall architectural impression.

Here you can see a number of examples of colour differences in projects with Troldtekt acoustic solutions in natural grey (FUTURECEM)

We recommend unpainted panels in natural grey (FUTURECEM) if you want an expression with an interplay of colours and clear variations in the panels. If, on the other hand, you want a uniform look, we recommend painted panels. For a uniform look with the same warm glow as natural grey (FUTURECEM), choose the colour clay 210.

Natural grey (FUTURECEM)

White 101 (FUTURECEM)

Grey 202 (FUTURECEM)

Grey 208 (FUTURECEM)

Black 207 (FUTURECEM)

Clay 210 (FUTURECEM)

Custom colours (FUTURECEM)

Troldtekt in natural wood

Troldtekt in natural wood has the warm colour and natural colour variation of wood. The panels can vary in colour - both across the individual panel and from panel to panel, as is also the case with wooden floors, for example. In our experience, Troldtekt in natural wood lightens slightly over time, so that any colour variations become less pronounced.

Here you can see a number of examples of colour differences in projects with Troldtekt acoustic solutions in natural wood.

If you want your acoustic panels in a dark colour, we recommend that you choose panels based on FUTURECEM.

Natural wood

White 101

Grey 202

Custom colours

What you should know about unpainted Troldtekt panels

As previously indicated, unpainted Troldtekt panels in natural grey (FUTURECEM) in particular can vary in colour – both across the individual panels and from panel to panel.

The wood in Troldtekt acoustic panels is a natural material and several factors can affect the appearance and properties of the wood. One possible factor is the conditions under which the wood has grown; when the tree was cut down can also have an impact.

As with other untreated and unpainted building products, it is a good idea to mix the Troldtekt acoustic panels during installation to achieve an even distribution of the different colour variations.

How unpainted Troldtekt panels are incorporated into architecture

Among our references, you will find examples of how unpainted Troldtekt panels can emphasise and enhance the architecture of a building. The unpainted panels help to make the building’s surfaces less uniform and create a vibrant, straightforward look.

What you should know about painted Troldtekt panels

In principle, you can have Troldtekt acoustic panels painted in any colour. However, it is important to be aware that the shade can vary depending on the base panel you choose.

For example, the colour white 101 obtains a warmer glow on base panels in natural wood. For Troldtekt panels painted in black, grey or another dark colour, we always recommend base panels based on the cement type FUTURECEM. Both because the colour coats better and because the carbon footprint is lower.

The Troldtekt panels are spray-painted with water-based paint in our modern painting facility at the factory in Troldhede. The paint nozzles spray paint from three sides for uniform colour and good coating.

You can also paint a Troldtekt ceiling yourself with a long nap paint roller or a hand sprayer. Please note, however, that the open structure of the Troldtekt panels makes it difficult to coat the paint as well as the spray-painted panels from the factory’s facility.

For the installation of painted Troldtekt acoustic panels, we supply coloured screws to match the colour of the panels. The screws are available for panels in both standard and custom colours.

How painted Troldtekt panels are incorporated into architecture

Among our references, you will find examples of how painted Troldtekt panels can create an atmospheric look in architecture.

Product configurator

With Troldtekt’s product configurator, you can easily get a quick overview of all the combinations of available Troldtekt products.

The basic idea of the product generator is that you click your way through a series of product options, and each time you make a selection, the options which cannot be combined with the choices you have already made are greyed out.

Once you have made your product selection, on the next page you can download installation instructions with specific AutoCAD files for your chosen product configuration.