Paris in Silkegade, Copenhagen

On a small side street in Copenhagen you will find Coffee Room, which offers much more than just coffee. It has a bustling urban atmosphere that invites you to drop in and take a break.

You can take a seat along the café's facade and enjoy your coffee in the narrow street. Or, you can sit facing the open doors and watch the city life passing by. Reviewers have taken notice of the place, and among the positive reviews, it is ranked no. 1 on TripAdvisor as best in the category “Quick Bites in Copenhagen".

In addition to coffee and cocktails, brunch and light dishes are also served during the day and evening. Coffee Room is divided into several areas, which are distinguished by different types of floors or ceilings. The interior is generally characterised by fine details such as mosaic floors, ceiling friezes, wicker-backed chairs and Aalto lamps above the tables.


Lines in the ceiling

A classic glass ceiling gives a Parisian feel to one room, while Troldtekt tilt line adds new lines. The ceiling pattern is another fine detail of the interior design. With a modern approach, it creates a focus on the ceiling as a single-piece surface in the room. The faceted Troldtekt ceiling, in contrast with the straight lines, creates a pleasant dynamic and sharp expression. There is a natural cohesion between the two rooms, which are separated by a glass section so that the ceiling continues into the next room.

Acoustics play a major role in the intimacy of a café, and here Troldtekt is also an obvious choice. Troldtekt is used in the space where you enter and order your coffee or food and in the neighbouring room, where the kitchen opens out onto the café. This room is decorated in a lounge style with upholstered benches along the walls and beautiful black and white prints that emphasise the nostalgic Parisian vibe.