Good acoustics with Troldtekt®

Good acoustics are a prerequisite for a good indoor climate. If the acoustics are bad, sound is experienced as noise, and you will find it difficult to hear what is being said.

Good acoustics are important for everyone’s sense of well-being at home, work and school, as well as at institutions, swimming pools, cinemas or theatres. In other words, in any room where people spend time together.

Whether the acoustics in a room can be described as good or bad depends on the reverberation time in the room, i.e. how long it takes for sound to die out. If the sound takes a long time to die out, the acoustics will be experienced as being bad, while the opposite is true if the sound fades away quickly.

Hard, smooth surfaces like concrete and plaster result in long reverberation times, while materials with an open surface structure – such as Troldtekt acoustic panels – result in short reverberation times and thus excellent acoustics.

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