Sound measurements and examples

See the effect of constructions with Troldtekt.

The different constructions with Troldtekt acoustic panels yield different results for reverberation time.

The effect of constructions is expressed by the absorption coefficient, which is between 0 and 1. Sound is 100 percent absorbed when sound absorption is equal to 1.

The coefficient varies over the frequency range of the sound. 

On the right under downloads you will find the PDF overview of sound measurements for different constructions with different types of Troldtekt acoustic panels.

Examples of effects with Troldtekt

With Troldtekt’s acoustics calculator, you get a quick overview of the acoustics in a room.

Below we have calculated two examples of Troldtekt’s acoustic effect in different rooms. The dimensions of the room, materials and type of construction with Troldtekt can all affect the results.

Try our acoustics calculator

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