Innovative office and lab building excels in sustainability

Space in Lund was built according to sustainability requirements for everything from choice of materials to energy optimisation, and the building is characterised by zero net carbon emissions. Several Troldtekt solutions were chosen for the building.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in commercial properties

In the new Science Village district in northeastern Lund in southern Sweden, the Space office and lab building of the property developer Wihlborg was the first project to be completed in autumn 2023. Space was originally supposed to be a hotel, but due to changes in the market, it became an office building. When the oat milk giant Oatly showed interest in lab space, this was also taken into account in the planning of the building.

Wihlborg’s ambition was to create a building that exudes the future and sustainability while being an iconic building for Science Village. And Space has just become a natural focal point for the district with its location and spectacular architecture, where researchers and companies on 6,300 square metres of space are developing the sustainable solutions of the future.

Having designed the building in pure wood and pure concrete, wood was chosen as the primary material, and the building's exterior features outer glass walls and a glass roof that lets in daylight for much of the day. Inside the building itself, there is a large and open atrium connecting the building’s floors, which have open balcony areas. In addition to housing workplaces for businesses and laboratories, Space also offers changing rooms for those arriving by bicycle, a lounge area and a restaurant at the bottom of the building that both building employees and visitors can visit.

A requirement of Science Village is that all buildings must house some form of innovation. In Space, Wihlborgs developed and installed its own energy innovation, an advanced cooling heat pump that, together with the existing heating and cooling system, recovers and reuses excess heat and cold generated in the building. In addition, there are also solar panels on the building's roof. Wihlborgs can control the building remotely and keep track of what goes on.

Space meets the highest sustainability standards in everything from material selection to energy optimisation and is distinguished by net zero emissions. The building is also the first building with lab facilities to to be NollCO2 (zero carbon)-certified by the Sweden Green Building Council, which was a goal for Wihlborgs from the start of the project. NollCO2-certification has led to Space becoming part of a pilot project to set a baseline and limit values for projects with lab installations. In 2023, the building won the prestigious "Årets NulCO2-projekt" ('Zero Carbon Emissions Project of the Year') prize at the Sweden Green Building Awards.

Space is also concerned with a good working environment focusing on air quality, acoustics, movement, diet and the senses, which is why the building is also certified according to the WELL standard and, additionally, to the Swedish Green Building Council Gold standard. Troldtekt has made a positive contribution to both certifications. 


Distinctive acoustic solutions

Several Troldtekt acoustic solutions were chosen for the building.

In the large open atrium, the Troldtekt tiles design solution creates a playful pattern of square panels with milled parallel grooves, while the Troldtekt line design solution was chosen for the surfaces of the balcony areas facing the atrium. Both design solutions make their own visual contribution to the building, while helping to absorb the reverberation of the large, open space.

Classic Troldtekt acoustic panels in visible grid systems were installed in other ceilings in the building. All the acoustic solutions were chosen in natural wood, which interacts well with the building’s primary material of wood, and also provides warmth in contrast to the white surfaces and the atrium’s grey floor.