Engaging the senses

Øster Farimagsgade is the location of one of Copenhagen’s smallest restaurants, Connection by Alan Bates. Despite its diminutive size, you are guaranteed a very special evening.

Chef Alan Bates has chosen to go his own way after gaining wide-ranging experience in other kitchens. The small place now has a fresh interior by Bruno Jakobsen Design, creating the perfect setting for all that’s special about Alan Bates’ cuisine. The result is a totally immersive experience, which is, however, most completely felt in the various spaces created within the room.

Every single detail plays a distinct role as an independent element and in relation to the whole. Above all, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, thanks to the staff as well as the scale of the place and the choice of materials. Acoustics are an important part of that experience, and for that reason, the ceiling is clad in sound-absorbing acoustic panels by Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM™ with v-shaped grooves. The shimmering natural tones of the ceiling blend in with the other natural materials and add serenity to the room.


Carefully composed details

The uncompromising interior design is built around a mix of different materials and textures. Here, the natural stone serving table takes centre stage and contrasts with the dark wood, curtains, tiles, leather and matte walls. The table is circular and lit by a circular luminaire as the sophisticated staging of the chilled wine.

Another geometric theme is found in the lines of v-shaped grooves in the Troldtekt ceiling, which are echoed in the vertical wooden strips and the grooves of the stone table. The visually soft surfaces and colours contrast attractively with the green wall tiles, stuffed animals and photo art on the walls. For the enquiring mind, the place is designed to satisfy a constant curiosity, which is an important part of the experience.