Exploratory refurbishment project with ceilings in grey and white

A young couple has decided to settle in Ikast in central Jutland, refurbished their dream house and broken with the current minimalism trend. The result is a home in black, white and grey.

Troldtekt, private home Ikast
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Life isn’t just black and white, and nor is Nikolaj and Camilla’s home. The anthracite grey Troldtekt ceiling complements the interior design, which is otherwise dominated by shades of charcoal and snow white. 

“We’ve decorated our home in black, grey and white. Our aim was to create a home with a difference, based on a unique choice of materials and layout,” explains Camilla.

In Ikast, the young couple have renovated a 160-square-metre property from 1953. The outer walls are still standing, but the rest of the house has been completely refurbished. This has given the couple the perfect opportunity to create their own dream home.

DIY with help from family
Together with their close family, Nikolaj and Camilla rolled up their sleeves in early spring 2017 and set to work. Walls were demolished, new walls erected – it was a real DIY project.

“We’ve done everything ourselves except for the plumbing and the wiring,” says Camilla, mentioning that the couple’s families have spent many weekends in the house.

Before the last leaves fell from the trees and the days started to grow darker, the couple moved into their new home together with their dog Frankie. 

Black kitchen and herringbone flooring
The couple have taken an exploratory and innovative approach. The overarching idea was to create something unique. Therefore, they had no doubts when they first saw the grey Troldtekt ceiling – they wanted it for the ground floor.  

“When we saw the grey colour, we fell for it immediately because it’s so different. We were slightly concerned that it would be too dark, so we were a bit nervous when the day came for the ceiling to be installed – but we’re extremely happy with the final result.”

It was also love at first sight when the couple chose their kitchen – a black oak kitchen from KVIK, despite the fact that Nikolaj had always vowed never to have a black kitchen.  In fact, it is one of the elements in the house which the couple is particularly pleased with. In addition to the herringbone floor, which has also been laid on the ground floor. 

The Troldtekt acoustic panels are not confined to the 80-square-metre ground floor level – the panels have also been installed on the basement ceiling, although here the couple chose a clean, white Troldtekt look.