Wood in construction

Wood is a healthy, elegant and flexible natural material that makes a positive contribution to the carbon accounts. Developers are increasingly using wood to construct high-rise buildings and other large projects.

But what is required for wood to become firmly rooted in people’s minds as a building material? The experts give their suggestions on this theme page, which also takes you on a tour of some of the most successful wooden buildings.

Wood from Danish forests – together with cement – is the raw material used to manufacture Troldtekt acoustic panels. All Troldtekt acoustic panels are certified according to one of the two leading standards for responsible forestry – PEFC™ and FSC® (FSC®C115450). The theme articles describe why it is necessary to increase the supply of certified wood in Denmark.

20 unique floors stand tall in the up-and-coming South Harbour neighbourhood of Aarhus (Denmark)

The building, TRÆ, is innovative in a number of ways -- especially when it comes to material choices. A large amount of recycled materials have been used for both the interior and the exterior and three floors are dedicated to experimentation with new materials that could provide a further boost for the green agenda.

More benefits of choosing Troldtekt for your timber construction project

Areas such as acoustics, moisture and fire safety are important factors when considering buildings made of wood. The combination of wood and cement makes Troldtekt acoustic panels a robust solution that contributes to good acoustics, distinctive design and effective fire safety. 

Inspiration for acoustic solution with ceilings from Troldtekt in private home

Two design studios: How we build with wood with a lighter carbon footprint

The use of wood in construction is now a serious component of Danish building stock. For example, BJERG Arkitektur is behind the Fjordudsigten residences in Ringkøbing, which are built of wood. Fjordudsigten has Denmark’s lowest carbon footprint of all completed projects included in a BUILD publication from June 2023. Over a 50-year period, the footprint is 3.1 kg CO2 /m 2/year.

Tegnestuen Arken is the architectural studio behind Kløverbakken in Odder, which was named 'Sustainable Wooden Building of the Year' in 2023. Read about the architectural firms’ experiences using wood in architecture. 

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Report: Learn from the best experiences of using wood in construction

In a major report, BUILD at Aalborg University has examined the climate footprint of 45 visionary wooden buildings, measured across the entire life cycle of the buildings. Construction engineering experiences from 35 projects are also featured in the inspirational directory, which has been created for others looking to use wood in construction.

Choose from leading wood certifications

All Troldtekt acoustic panels are certified by one of the two leading standards for responsible forestry. All of the wood is PEFC™-certified, and some is also FSC®-certified (FSC®C115450). This means you have a free choice of standards when you buy Troldtekt.
Read about the two leading certifications and take a guided tour of one of the FSC-certified forests where Troldtekt sources its wood.

Choose wood with an ecologically responsible footprint

Wood is becoming increasingly popular as a construction material, as are buildings constructed in accordance with documentable sustainability standards. It therefore makes a lot of sense to choose wood from FSC®-certified forests, as it guarantees social, economic and environmental responsibility.

More know how to pave the way for more wood construction

Laminated wood elements match concrete in terms of both strength and price, while offering significant environmental benefits. Therefore, greater efforts should be made to promote wood in construction, according to a report which was commissioned on behalf of the Swedish Government and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Sustainable housing and a heart of wood

A number of prominent wooden buildings have been taking shape in Denmark in recent years. Spring 2018 saw the completion of the multi-storey development Lisbjerg Bakke comprising 40 flats which are all DGNB Gold-certified. In September, the multi-purpose community and cultural centre The Heart opened in the town of Ikast in Jutland.
Both projects were honoured at the Building of the Year 2018 ceremony, and Lisbjerg Bakke has been included in a collection of cases from the Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat. 


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Certified wood - from forest to architecture

Sustainable building begins in the woods.

In this video, the director of FSC Denmark, Søren Dürr Grue, explains the requirements of an FSC®-certified forest for biodiversity.

You also experience how Troldtekt in its production of acoustic panels handles FSC certified wood, so that every wood fiber in an FSC-certified Troldtekt acoustic panel is guaranteed to come from FSC-certified forests.

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