Architecture for sports and movement

Facilities for many different types of sport and exercise it is important that the architecture is designed for physical activity and noise – but still with a sense of aesthetics.

On this theme page, you can read how the renovation of existing schools can help children be more physically active during their schooldays. You can also visit various sports facilities. From a complete sports complex with a multi-purpose hall, tennis courts, mountain bike tracks and a modern health centre to a paved street sports centre.

Buildings for sport and movement must be designed using flexible, durable materials – and the acoustic properties of the materials are equally important when everyone from ball games’ enthusiasts to excited and playful children let their hair down. Take a look at the articles, and at how Troldtekt acoustic solutions meet the requirements for modern sports facilities.

Theme overview

With our Troldtekt themes we continually bring focus to topical trends within the fields of acoustics, indoor climate, architecture and sustainable building.