Sports complex brings together elite sports and rehabilitation under one roof

Holbæk Sportsby in Denmark is one of Scandinavia’s largest sports complexes.

The complex brings together everything from mountain bike sports to modern treatments and creates a meeting place for both children and adults. In an interview, architect Nicolas Munkø from the Kullegaard architectural firm explains the design considerations behind the project.

Swimming pool, racket sports, multi-hall, mountain bike tracks and a modern health centre with training facilities and treatment rooms. That’s just a small sample of the many facilities that Holbæk Sportsby offers. The sports complex in Zealand in Denmark covers 23,000 square metres indoors across two floors. In addition, there are 47 hectares outdoors. This makes it one of Scandinavia’s largest sports facilities.

“Holbæk Sportsby is a sports mecca that provides options for movement and exercise regardless of your age group and activity level. The complex is also capable of accommodating major cultural events such as concerts, corporate events and sporting events,” says architect Nicolas Munkø from Kullegaard.

The Municipality of Holbæk and Fonden Holbæk Sportsby were the clients for the project designed by Kullegaard.

A city within the city

The purpose of the Holbæk Sportsby complex is to bring together all of the city’s sports facilities in one place and create new communities. The sports complex is constructed like a city, with houses, streets and inviting spaces.

“Instead of being one large room, the foyer has been designed like a branched network of small squares and living areas that connect the different sports hall functions. This creates a fertile ground for forging bonds across different types of sports,” says Nicolas Munkø.

Trails, lakes and wetlands characterise the surrounding countryside and outdoor facilities.

“Holbæk is characterised by its proximity to the fjord and by the surrounding fields and forests. This is reflected in the architecture of the sports complex, where there are references to the surrounding countryside in the form of lakes and wetlands, trees and large green spaces. The beautiful surroundings should provide recreational value to those citizens who do not necessarily use the sports facilities,” says Nicolas Munkø.

Inspiration creates synergies

Elite sports, rehabilitation or a friendly five-a-side game. It is precisely this diversity across activity and skill levels that characterises Holbæk Sportsby. One integral part of the building is the municipal health centre, which offers a range of health and rehabilitation services to citizens.

“The idea is that the health centre and sports complex’ respective activities and users can inspire each other and create positive synergies. That’s why the health centre is located close to the communal areas, yet with consideration for the users,” says Nicolas Munkø, adding:

“From the health centre you can look into the sports complex, and outside, people can use various facilities such as sensory gardens and pétanque lanes with an unobstructed view of the other outdoor facilities,” says Munkø.

Large windows between the various sports halls and out into the foyer space also provide external onlookers and other users a view of the many possibilities offered by Holbæk Sportsby.  

A hard-wearing building with a varied colour palette

Across the building, robust and solid materials dominate to help the building cope with expected wear and use. Inside, the focus is on steel, concrete and wood – and on giving the rooms some calm areas and good acoustics.

“Sport and movement impose stringent demands on durability, acoustics and indoor climate. For that reason, the building has been constructed using solid materials capable of meeting the many needs,” says Nicolas Munkø.

The choice of colours also plays an important role in the sports complex. In the large sports halls, a specially selected grey colour is featured on columns, wall surfaces and Troldtekt acoustic panels to provide a calming ‘background colour’ for the many activities taking place. However, Troldtekt also appears in a range of bespoke colours in various parts of the complex.

The artist Stine Deja has decorated the changing rooms using other colours and added, for example, grates inscribed with text. Speakers concealed in the Troldtekt ceilings create a soundscape of water sounds from Holbæk Fjord.

“Holbæk Sportsby is a dynamic place. This is reflected in the architectural design of the building, which can easily be expanded in keeping with the current architecture if the need arises,” concludes Nicolas Munkø.

FACTS: Sports complex Holbæk Sportsby

Project: Sports complex Holbæk Sportsby og Sundhedscenter, Denmark
Architects: Kullegaard A/S
Client: Municipality of Holbæk and Fonden Holbæk Sportsby

Troldtekt products:

Ceiling and wall panels: Troldtekt and Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels
Colour: Natural wood + special colours
Structure: Fine (1.5 mm wood wool), ultrafine (1.0 mm wood wool)
Edge design: 5 mm bevelled edges (K5) and square edges (K0)
Installation: With Troldtekt structure screws
Speakers: Troldtekt loudspeaker
Accessories: Troldtekt access panel

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Architect Nicolas from the Kullegaard architectural firm.