Dark ceilings

Black is the new black – because architecture with dark materials can create a special feeling of intimacy and closeness.

On this theme page, you can read how black ceilings and solid materials are becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

Hear what a trend researcher has to say about the trend, and read how leading drawing offices have worked with black and dark ceilings in their projects.

Finally, you can visit an exclusive showroom, a designer’s holiday home and a cultural venue where black-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels help to create very special atmospheres.

Sølvhuset - in the quiet depths of the forest

Hidden away in the woods on the Mols peninsula in East Jutland, Sølvhuset - the silver house - stands out like a silver disk in the terrain. Every single one of the holiday home’s 80 square metres has been utilised to the full, and when darkness falls, the black Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings only add to the sense of "hygge".

Fredericia Furniture showroom in Copenhagen, copyright© Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Black elegance in the heart of Copenhagen

At the former headquarters of the Royal Danish Mail in Copenhagen, Aarstiderne Arkitekter has designed an exclusive rooftop showroom for the company Fredericia Furniture. Here, the black Troldtekt ceiling creates an atmosphere of elegance that really comes into its own when darkness falls.

Troldtekt, Pakhusene Aarhus

A harmony of raw aesthetics

Cement-bonded wood wool in dark natural goes well with concrete and oak in rooms with lots of daylight, while black ceilings can create a more intimate, evening-like atmosphere. Anders Tyrrestrup, a partner at AART architects, explains why Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey were chosen for ‘Pakhusene’ – or The Warehouses – at Aarhus Docklands in Denmark.

We are embracing darkness and calmness

Black and other dark shades are here to stay, and while they used to be reserved for small furnishing accessories such as cushions, throws and pots, dark floors and black ceilings are now gaining in popularity. There’s no mistaking the effect. The dark shades create a very special atmosphere in all manner of buildings, from hotels and restaurants to private homes.

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