Old barn converted into exclusive longhouse

Through a perfectly executed design, the couple Stefan Larsson and Anette Ringberg have transformed an old barn into something completely different. The design factor is key here, and the carefully selected materials really come into their own.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in private homes

Stefan Larsson and Anette Ringberg’s newly built home, the Barnhouse, is located near Kristianstad. The residence is an old barn, with an area of about 400 square metres and eight metre high ceilings. They converted it into an exclusive longhouse.

“A dream project, but also a gigantic project,” says the couple.

They converted the building themselves, which is both their home and the place from which they run their business.

The Barnhouse can be booked for events such as conferences and meetings, held in unique surroundings. In addition, the couple makes specially designed furniture for private homes, in the same style as what they have in their longhouse.

"We designed and built most of the furniture for the Barnhouse ourselves, including dining tables, coffee tables and furnishings in all the bathrooms, etc. Now we want to offer customers the same thing, that is, unique furniture with a rustic but modern touch," they say.

All furnishings are made of carefully selected and local wood.


Warm and rustic

Stefan Larsson and Anette Ringberg were inspired to design the long-shaped home from various trips abroad, especially to Mexico, with the natural colours they experienced there.

The Barnhouse has a warm and rustic feel, and a lot of attention was paid to the materials used. Wood in particular plays a key role – both as wall panelling, as visible construction and as furniture and furnishings.

With the high ceilings, the home needed a good acoustic solution, so the couple opted for the black-painted Troldtekt line design solution.

 "The black colour creates a sense of grandiosity, but also a sense of calm. The acoustic properties of the panels are fantastic, and despite the large space, we don't worry about the acoustics. The longitudinal lines of Troldtekt line give us a coherent design expression. We are very pleased with our choice," say Stefan Larsson and Anette Ringberg.