Sølvhuset - in the quiet depths of the forest

Hidden away in the woods on the Mols peninsula in East Jutland, Sølvhuset - the silver house - stands out like a silver disk in the terrain. Every single one of the holiday home’s 80 square metres has been utilised to the full, and when darkness falls, the black Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings only add to the sense of "hygge".

Troldtekt, Sølvhuset
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

In contrast to many other holiday homeowners, Bruno Jakobsen was not obsessed with sea views when choosing a location for the family’s new holiday home. Instead, Sølvhuset is totally isolated on a 5,000-square-metre plot in the undulating terrain of Mols Bjerge in East Jutland. Bruno Jakobsen owns a design and interiors studio, and his professional sense for interiors is reflected in every nook and cranny of the 16-metre-long, five-metre-wide building.

“Sølvhuset is a designer’s dream of the perfect woodland hideaway. It’s a holiday home that’s not like any other, and where every single square metre is carefully used so that we have room for overnight guests and children on the galleried sleeping area,” explains Bruno Jakobsen.

Out in the wilds
The name of the house comes from the colour of the untreated Canadian cedarwood facades, which after a short time will acquire a natural silver patina. Together with the silver-coloured roof, gutters and window frames, the house will become a shining disk amidst the green foliage.   

From the central living area, there are magnificent views of tree-clad slopes through the large window sections on both sides. The windows can be opened up, providing unrestricted access to 130 square metres of raised hardwood decking. And this is why the floor is made of epoxy-coated concrete, as it is easy to clean after little feet have been running in and out all day. 

“The living room in the middle is for family life, with bedrooms at both ends. The living room is divided by a large kitchen island, so that we parents can sit at the dining table while the children play in the living area. Thanks to the superior acoustics from the Troldtekt ceiling panels, it doesn’t even sound as though we’re sitting in the same room,” says Bruno Jakobsen. 

Dark transforms windows into walls
Sølvhuset is conceived with black Troldtekt acoustic panels, partly because all the hard surfaces in the living room would otherwise result in poor acoustics, and partly out of a desire for a black ceiling.

“Having a black ceiling was one of the first things I decided. When the light fades in the evening, it’s almost as if the ceiling sinks, and the atmosphere automatically becomes cosier in step with the dwindling daylight. The land to the south is illuminated, while behind the house to the north it is completely dark, so that the ceiling and glass form walls, and it no longer feels as though you’re in a glasshouse,” says Bruno Jakobsen.