Storage & acclimatisation

Troldtekt, tolerances


It is important to note that Troldtekt is a natural material and the very nature of the material composition – wood wool and cement – will incur small variations in the panels. Panel dimensions and weights remain inside the tolerance indicated at 23 +/- 2°C and 50 +/- 5% relative humidity. However, inappropriate storage and a lack of acclimatisation may alter panel dimension and weight. It is therefore important that you observe the installation, storage and acclimatisation instructions carefully.

Storage and acclimatisation

Before installation of Troldtekt®

It is important that the Troldtekt panels are stored horizontally with proper support, e.g. on pallets or battens.

Storage and acclimatisation of Troldtekt wood wool panels

Outdoor storage

If it is necessary to store Troldtekt panels outdoors, you should protect the panels using a tarpaulin or similar. Please note that outdoor storage should be as brief as possible and never directly on the

Storage and acclimatisation

Indoor storage

If you store Troldtekt panels indoors, you must remove any packaging, as condensate could otherwise form within the packaging. Acclimatisation will not start until the packaging is removed. Care should be taken to protect stored Troldtekt panels from moisture, direct heat and dust.

Storage and acclimatisation


It is important that the Troldtekt panels are allowed to acclimatise prior to installation. Acclimatisation means that the panels must adapt to the temperature and humidity in the room where they are to be installed.

Under these conditions it is recommended to acclimatise the panels for 1-2 weeks or more before installation. Optimum acclimatisation is achieved by ‘battening the panels’ – i.e. by placing battens between the panels and ensuring good ventilation in the room in question.

Troldtekt is a purely natural material consisting of approx. 50% wood, and the panels will therefore ‘work’ to achieve the same temperature and humidity level as their surroundings – like e.g. wooden floors do. Therefore, you should not start installing Troldtekt before the building works have been completed and the heating turned on.

The Troldtekt panels have undergone a drying process before leaving the factory in Troldhede, but during transport or storage, the panels may absorb moisture again.

If you install Troldtekt panels without prior acclimatisation, the panels may shrink when they dry up, thus creating small shrinkage cracks. If the panels absorb moisture after installation, they will merely push into each other. There is consequently no risk of the panels expanding so much so that they push to other building parts.

Storage and acclimatisation

Instructions for storage and acclimatisation before installation of Troldtekt