Troldtekt decoration

Troldtekt® decoration

Troldtekt decoration offers personalised decoration for your ceilings, walls and framed wall panels while also ensuring good room acoustics. Advanced printing technology allows graphics, logos, art works, photos or other designs to be transferred directly to Troldtekt panels. If a three-dimensional surface is required, graphic designs and logos can be milled into the panels using CNC technology.

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Ideal for large surfaces
Troldtekt's characteristic surface gives whatever design you choose an exciting added dimension, and printing technology allows graphical elements and patterns to be transferred to the panels, so that even large areas can be decorated.

Troldtekt works with artists who have provided creative designs and graphical elements for Troldtekt acoustic panels. You can even supply your own digital photo, graphical material or painting – as long as you have secured the rights to copy the motif. The options are virtually unlimited.

The flower motif on the right is from the Children's Cultural Centre Ama'r.

Troldtekt decoration
Troldtekt decoration

Troldtekt deco is available in a specially designed aluminium frame. The frame is delivered with installation brackets, making the decoration panel immediately ready for wall hanging.

The motifs on the right are from a private flat in Copenhagen.


Troldtekt decoration can also be combined with Troldtekt speakers


Troldtekt works with artists who have provided creative designs and graphical elements for Troldtekt acoustic panels.

Below is a selection of the projects in which Troldtekt has been involved.

Don't go grey

The two designers Amalie Bo and Netter Andresen have developed a series of rooms for Hillerød Music School in which they combine different materials with Troldtekt acoustic panels. Here, they use the walls as canvases for visual compositions, giving each room a unique visual look and musical tone.

Troldtekt, Dont go grey

Troldtekt, Dont go grey


The two designers Mathilde Aggebo og Julie Henriksen form the dynamic designer duo "aggebo&henriksen", a highly recognised name in textile design, graphic printing and Unika Vaev weaving. The two designers have worked with large architectural firms such as Henning Larsen Architects and 3 x Nielsen.

In 2006, the duo achieved a considerable breakthrough in architecture with the much appraised artistic decoration and colour-setting at the Tietgens College in the Ørestad district of Copenhagen, including Japanese-inspired processing of the plywood panels on the walls.


Troldtekt decoration, aggebo and henriksen


Troldtekt decoration, aggebo and henriksen

Anne Stensgaard

Anne Stensgaard is a trained glass-blower and therefore has an eye for shapes. She is passionate about quality products made from natural materials – especially if they have a wide appeal. She also has an ear for good acoustics. It was therefore an obvious choice to do her design and technology final project in cooperation with Troldtekt.

The project involved developing products that add sculptural and aesthetic value to a room without compromising on acoustics.

Troldtekt, Anne Steensgaard


Troldtekt, Anne Steensgaard