Much more than theatre

The new Vendsyssel Theatre and Experience Center is situated next to the railway station in Hjørring, only a few hundred metres from its predecessor. It has a simple yet dynamic exterior with significant signal effect, which is emphasised by the rust-red steel façades.

The back of the complex is clad in stained, tempered glass, which is illuminated from inside the building at night. With its large window sections overlooking the street and the forecourt, the building has a welcoming feel, and there is close contact between inside and out.

The high-ceilinged foyer is beautifully arranged to cater for the mix of different functions. Ticket sales, café, restaurant and lounge are located like islands gathered in a square, which extends around the large semi-circular auditorium with seating for 450 people. It is a varied environment, which makes you immediately feel welcome. The ‘square’ connects the five different auditoriums, which allow the theatre to host a wide range of cultural events.

Meeting of contrasts

Even though there is always a lot happening at the Vendsyssel Theatre and Experience Centre, schmidt hammer lassen architects has successfully created a sense of aesthetic calm. Striking the right balance between popular and highbrow culture is often a challenge, but it has been successfully achieved here through a very conscious choice of materials and an informal interior design.

Throughout, it alternates between the raw and the refined. The interior of the main theatre auditorium is completely black, while the concert hall is light and elegant. The black colour is also prominent – although by no means dominant – in the foyer areas, where it has a unifying effect. Here, it includes black-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels as a beautiful – and acoustic – element in the composition. Troldtekt panels are also used in, for example, the administration offices on the first floor, and to clad the wall surfaces in the rehearsal room, which also doubles as a children’s theatre.


Vendsyssel Theatre and Experience Centre, Denmark
schmidt hammer lassen architects
Municipality of Hjørring and Realdania
Troldtekt Products
Ceiling panels:
Troldtekt & Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels
Natural wood & black 207
Fine (1.5 mm wood wool) & ultrafine (1.0 mm wood wool)
Edge design:
Square edges, K0, installed with Troldtekt screws
Text & Photos
Thomas Mølvig, architect
Thomas Mølvig, architect


Vendsyssel Teater received honourable mention in the ‘Open’ category at the Danish ‘School Building of the Year 2017’ award ceremony.

The theatre is also included in the ‘Best of Archilovers 2017’ list.
Archilovers is an international online network for architects and designers, and in 2017 approx. 50,000 projects were presented on the portal. The ‘Best of ...’ list is compiled from the projects which have received most ‘likes’.

In 2016, Vendsyssel Theatre and Experience Centre was highlighted as one of 12 buildings to look forward to in 2016 by the British Dezeen Magazine.