A place to gather in Carlsberg City District

The chef Adam Aamann has opened the restaurant Genbo on Kildepladsen in Carlsberg City District, where he has successfully combined the district’s industrial building culture with a modern ambience that brings the food into focus.

At Genbo, local residents can pick up freshly baked bread and takeaways, but also enjoy their morning coffee or Aamann’s open sandwiches in the restaurant. There is plenty of space in the high-ceilinged eatery for diners and the kitchen staff alike, and the venue has therefore also been conceived as a place for the locals to come together. The building is new, but architecturally ties in well with Carlsberg’s historical framework, where red brick in particular is a recurring material. The location has inspired the interior design, which reflects a both traditional and honest approach to both decor and food.

Aamann’s cuisine is well-known for its quality, the use of fresh, local and often organic ingredients, but also for reinterpreting well-known dishes. The interior is also built up around solid and familiar materials such as wood, brick and leather, but combined in new ways.

Recycled and tactile materials

“Among other things, we’ve chosen to partially furnish the restaurant with beautiful old pine furniture instead of having new furniture produced – we’ve been on a year-long hunt visiting all sorts of jumble sales and scouring websites dedicated to selling second-hand items as well as auctioneers to locate enough iconic chairs from the contemporary Danish furniture designer Rainer Daumiller,” says Anders Busk Faarborg from ATM Design. The choice of chairs reflects the narrative for the venue, where nothing has been left to chance and where patina works as a nice shortcut to creating a venue with charm and hygge.

The acoustics were also an important element, and black Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for the ceilings. Together with the furnishings, the panels minimise the reverberation time in the otherwise raw room. The restaurant is divided into areas with different types of wooden furniture, combined with leather-upholstered built-in benches. The room is beautifully tied together by plants in large earthenware pots, hand-picked lamps and red frames and wooden fixtures and fittings. The red colour was carefully chosen for the way it contrasts with the bottle-green facade window section.


Aamanns Genbo restaurant, takeaway and bakery in the Carlsberg City District
C.F. Møller Architects
Adam Aamann
ATM Design
Troldtekt products
Ceiling panels:
Troldtekt acoustic panels
Ultrafine (1.0 mm wood wool)
Edge design:
K0, with square edge
With Troldtekt structure screws
Text & photos
Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA
Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA