Modern annex replaces container classrooms

For many years, due to a lack of space, many of the more than 180 pupils of the Haslach Primary School in Traunstein, Bavaria, had to be taught in container classrooms. Now they and their nearly 20 teachers are looking forward to moving into a very well-executed, pleasant annex building that offers plenty of space for learning and exchange.

The completely barrier-free three-storey building with a wooden roof truss and stainless steel sheet covering fits perfectly into the idyllic surroundings with its larch wood façade. Due to its hillside location at the edge of the forest, the children can enter or leave the school on the first floor as well as on the ground floor, at the street level.

On the ground floor of the annex building, which is connected to the existing school building, there is a handicraft room with a side room, a barrier-free toilet, a utility room and a building services room as well as storage rooms. On the first floor there is a kitchen with a food counter and restaurant for lunch as well as a computer room. On the second floor, three flexible group rooms have been created, which are especially needed for the all-day care of the children. Moreover, additional toilets and cleaning rooms are located on each floor.

Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that the interior of the bright and cosy annex building, which offers plenty of space for development and interaction with generously designed rooms and wide corridors, is filled with light. Green floors and green door frames create scattered colourful accents.

The ceiling panels, which are colour-matched with the different floor coverings, are not only a design feature. To ensure pleasant acoustics in rooms dominated by sound-hard materials, the planners opted for the use of Troldtekt acoustic panels. Thanks to the excellent sound-absorbing properties of the material, they guarantee an improvement in room acoustics for lively, boisterous school life.


Annex building of Haslach Primary School, Germany
Wimmer Architects, Rosenheim
City of Traunstein
Troldtekt products
Ceiling panels:
Troldtekt and Troldtekt A2 acoustic panels
Natural wood
Ultrafine (1.0 mm wood wool)
Edge design:
5 mm bevelled edges, K5
With Troldtekt structure screws
Text & photos
Engineer Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Wiechers, Architect
Peters Photo Design, Amerang