15:e jun. 2020

THEME: Building health and indoor climate

Although sustainable building is on the rise, large quantities of the harmful substances in building materials still manage to slip through into new and refurbished buildings.

In a new online theme from Troldtekt A/S, experts present their views on material health and indoor climate – and possible solutions to the challenges.

2:a jun. 2020

CSR report: Energy consumption cut by 20%

Massive investments in the factory in in Troldhede, Denmark have made producing Troldtekt acoustic panels far more energy-efficient. Energy consumption per produced square metre of acoustic panel has decreased by about 20% in two years. This is evident from the figures which Troldtekt has just published in the company’s CSR report for 2019.

3:e apr. 2020

COVID-19 update: Troldtekt A/S remains open

At Troldtekt, we continue the production and supply of acoustic panels. We will contact and inform relevant parties immediately if any changes to the supply situation should occur.

31:a mar. 2020

Troldtekt competing for materialPREIS 2020

The design series from Troldtekt A/S is a candidate to win the renowned materialPREIS, which celebrates the best materials. You can vote for your favourite entry now in an online poll.

31:a mar. 2020

Choose between PEFCTM- and FSC®-certified Troldtekt®

All Troldtekt acoustic panels are now certified according to one of the two leading standards for responsible forestry. All the wood we use is PEFC-certified, and much of it is also FSC-certified. It is therefore possible to choose between the two standards when buying Troldtekt.

19:e mar. 2020

New design series among Danish Design Award finalists

The entire series of new Troldtekt® design solutions is among the finalists for Denmark’s national design award this year.

18:e feb. 2020

Theme: Create architecture for sports and movement

Schools for movement and indoor spaces with parkour and street football. In 2020, sport and movement take place in new settings. It is important that the facilities are designed for physical activity and noise - but still with a sense of aesthetics. Read more in a new online feature from Troldtekt A/S.
12:e feb. 2020

Meet Troldtekt at SCHULBAU in Stuttgart

The SCHULBAU international forum and trade fair on 19-20 February in Stuttgart focuses on sustainable construction of the schools and educational buildings of the future. Experience Troldtekt at stand 34 - and take part in ‘Experten Lab’ where we share knowledge about healthy materials for the construction industry.

29:e jan. 2020

Troldtekt in panel debate at international Cradle to Cradle congress

During the debate at the Cradle to Cradle congress in Berlin, Troldtekt will share experiences of switching from product certification to using the international Cradle to Cradle standard as a framework for the company strategy.

25:e nov. 2019

Sustainability award for DGNB platinum-certified office building

The new Alnatura Arbeitswelt office building featuring Troldtekt acoustic ceilings has won the German Sustainability Award for architecture.

22:a nov. 2019

New design solutions win prestigious international award

Troldtekt® design solutions have been named winner of the German Design Award 2020.

12:e nov. 2019

Theme: Sustainable building certifications

Buildings documented as being sustainable offer benefits for the environment, users and developers. In an online theme, Troldtekt A/S focuses on the benefits of sustainable building certifications. The theme includes interviews with experts from Henning Larsen Architects and Ramboll, inspiration from sustainable buildings in northern Europe - and news about Troldtekt’s contribution to the leading certifications.

15:e okt. 2019

Cradle to Cradle paves the way for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Troldtekt will participate as an introductory speaker when the consultancy Vugge til Vugge Danmark hosts a learning session at the Building Green Copenhagen 2019 event.

30:e sep. 2019

Circular economy: Troldtekt shares knowledge in Stockholm

Transforming products for the circular economy will be the focus of the upcoming Design & Innovation Forum in Stockholm, hosted by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. As part of the programme, Troldtekt will participate in a panel debate.

27:e sep. 2019

Wood is the sustainable construction material of the future

Wood is a healthy, elegant and flexible natural material that makes a positive contribution to the carbon accounts. And when the wood is FSC®-certified, developers and consultants are able to document that it comes from responsibly managed forests. In a new online theme, Troldtekt A/S takes a look at the advantages and benefits of building with wood.

9:e sep. 2019

Troldtekt panels in sustainable Berlin laboratory

Troldtekt acoustic solutions have been incorporated into the world’s first C2C LAB in Berlin, which is a combined training centre, NGO office and ‘living laboratory’ for Cradle to Cradle certified building materials.

28:e aug. 2019

Build better childcare institutions

The number of children is on the rise in several northern European countries, and thus also the need for new childcare institutions. It is important to take the children’s perspective in the design of the new institutions, and for the architecture to support the development of mind and body. This is the point made by two experienced architects, Professor Jens Ludloff and Nathalie Dziobek-Bepler, in a new theme from Troldtekt A/S.

27:e aug. 2019

Meet Troldtekt at SCHULBAU Berlin 2019

The SCHULBAU exhibition will be held in Berlin on 11-12 September, providing inspiration for the schools and institutions of tomorrow. See our classic acoustic solutions, as well as our award-winning new series of Troldtekt® design solutions.

14:e aug. 2019

World Green Building Week: Troldtekt partners with host DGNB

Companies and organisations from over 100 countries will come together to raise awareness of sustainable construction during World Green Building Week on 23-29 September. DGNB - the champion of sustainable construction in Germany - will host the event, with Troldtekt as a partner.

7:e aug. 2019

New design solutions win distinguished German design award

Troldtekt’s new series of design solutions - enabling architects to combine superior acoustics with distinctive interior design - has won the ICONIC AWARDS 2019. The prestigious German design award will be presented by the German Design Council at an awards ceremony in Munich in October 2019.