News 2018

18:e dec. 2018

Spanish architecture students win Troldtekt Award

Enrique Villamuelas and Rita Lancho Moreno from the ETSAM School of Architecture in Madrid won the 2018 Troldtekt Award with their ‘Coral’ project. In the competition, students from all over the world have presented innovative ideas, rethinking the way Danish Troldtekt acoustic panels are used. The jury selected the winner among 53 creative entries - and also awarded a special prize to Sweden.

27:e nov. 2018

Impressive distinctions for lido and psychiatric hospital

The lido Vestre Fjordpark in Aalborg and the new psychiatric hospital in Vejle were praised at the world’s largest presentation of architectural prizes, the WAN Awards. Troldtekt acoustic panels were used in both projects.

8:e nov. 2018

Double Utzon anniversary celebrations

In 2018, Denmark’s most famous architect Jørn Utzon would have turned 100. The year also marks the 10th anniversary of the Utzon Center in Aalborg, which celebrates the year under the title Utzon100.

17:e okt. 2018

Troldtekt inspires at Dutch Design Week

Europe’s biggest exhibition of materials for circular building is going on display at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Here, up to 300,000 visitors will be able to see the Danish company Troldtekt’s acoustic panels, which are made from natural raw materials and are the obvious choice for sustainable construction.

8:e okt. 2018

Troldtekt installed in hospital patient room of the future

Light, air and superior acoustics will help to cure patients of their depression at the New Mental Health Bispebjerg hospital in Copenhagen.

28:e sep. 2018

Cultural display window gets good acoustics

Tingbjerg's new cultural center in north-west Copenhagen opens on 1 October. The building was designed by COBE architects and offers good acoustics with Troldtekt acoustic panels.

26:e sep. 2018

Troldtekt Award 2018 for creative students

Troldtekt A/S invites creative design and architecture students from all over the world to participate in the Troldtekt Award 2018. Two renowned architects will assess the ideas received - and the winner will receive EUR 5,000.

24:e sep. 2018

Circle House aims to pave the way for circular construction

Circle House involves 60 public housing units, that are to be built according to circular principles. A show house is already being opened to demonstrate the concept, which is the first of its kind in the world. Troldtekt A/S is a partner in Circle House - and the company’s CEO hopes the project will help more people in the industry see the potential for re-use.

23:e aug. 2018

"Quietness and fresh air for ""The Heart"""

"In the multi-purpose community centre ""The Heart"" in the Danish town of Ikast, Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are helping to ensure superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate."

22:a aug. 2018

Experimentarium - one of the world’s greatest places

TIME Magazine has the science museum in Copenhagen on its top 100 list of the ‘World’s Greatest Places 2018’. Much of the building’s good acoustics are down to Troldtekt.

21:a aug. 2018

New theme: Black is the new black

Architecture with black materials can create a special atmosphere of intimacy and closeness. In a new Troldtekt online theme, you can read how black ceilings and solid materials are becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

13:e aug. 2018

International praise for Danish water park

Vestre Fjord Park has won an Architizer A+Award and is on the shortlist for a WAF Award. Wood and wood-based products characterize the new facility, where many of the buildings have Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

27:e jun. 2018

DGNB-certified social housing gets Troldtekt ceilings

Troldtekt acoustic panels are being installed in 40 new social housing units on Funen, ensuring both good acoustics and contributing to the project’s sustainability certification. The housing association Civica is building the social housing, which has been designed by ERIK Arkitekter. The terraced homes are characterised by their low environmental impact and optimum indoor climate, and at the same time the chosen materials and solutions are sufficiently durable to ensure that daily maintenance etc. is kept to a minimum.

19:e jun. 2018

CSR report 2017 now online

Troldtekt’s 2017 report on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities can now be downloaded from our website. The report has also been submitted to the UN, as the annual CSR report is part of our obligations under the UN Global Compact scheme, which we joined in 2010.
15:e jun. 2018

New theme: Multi-purpose cultural centres

A number of new multi-purpose cultural centres have seen the light of day in recent years. In both cities and villages, the buildings serve as informal meeting places for local communities, and according to the experts, we can expect to see even more being built. This places considerable demands on both architects and building technicians. Read more in this new Troldtekt theme, which also offers a visual tour of several new multi-purpose cultural centres.

12:e apr. 2018

Touring exhibition provides inspiration for circular construction

Europe’s largest exhibition of materials designed for circular construction is now travelling to the international building exhibition Building Holland in Amsterdam. Troldtekt acoustic panels have been selected for the Reversible Experience Modules exhibition, which was also at ecobuild in London.
3:e apr. 2018

Theme: Healing architecture

How can architecture contribute to social work? And can the right layout of a psychiatric hospital minimise the use of physical restraint? In our new online theme about healing architecture, the experts give their answers.

2:a mar. 2018

Gastronomy and acoustics in top class

For the second consecutive year, Restaurant Domestic in Aarhus (DK) has been awarded a Michelin Star. The restaurant has found the recipe for success, with both top quality gastronomy and acoustics.

15:e jan. 2018

Troldtekt goes for full FSC® certification

Troldtekt has increased the proportion of FSC -certified wood it uses, and is now able to supply products which are ‘FSC 100%’-certified.

2:a jan. 2018

Inspirational tour with Troldtekt

New Troldtekt case studies are continuously added to our reference section. Click through the gallery and enjoy the images from a large variety of international building projects, combining great architecture and great acoustics.