Structures & colours

The characteristic Troldtekt structure derives from the thickness of the wood wool.

Troldtekt panels are available in extreme fine, ultrafine, fine and coarse structures.

Extreme fine

Natural wood (0.5 mm wood wool)


Natural wood (1.0 mm wood wool)


Natural wood (1.5 mm wood wool)


Natural wood (3.0 mm wood wool)


Natural grey (1.0 mm wood wool)


Natural grey (1.5 mm wood wool)


Natural grey (3.0 mm wood wool)

Futurecem ultrafine

Natural grey (1.0 mm wood wool)


Troldtekt is often preferred unpainted and completely natural. Troldtekt is produced from either white or grey cement and in its natural form, Troldtekt is available in two variants; natural wood and natural grey.

The natural wood panels are based on white cement, which gives the panels a light, natural wood colour quite naturally retaining the wood’s natural colour tones. Due to the nature of the material, colour variations may occour in both natural wood and natural grey but will be most evident in the natural grey panels, where the cement is 100% responsible for the grey Troldtekt look. 

If you prefer a uniform colour for your acoustic ceiling, we recommend factory painted Troldtekt panels. White is the most popular colour for Troldtekt, but the panels can be painted to any RAL/NCS colour code.

The painted Troldtekt panels are spray-painted with water-based paint in our modern painting facility at the factory in Denmark. The paint nozzles spray paint from several angles to ensure uniform colour and good coverage. If you prefer, you can also paint the Troldtekt panels yourself using a long-haired paint roller or a hand sprayer. Please note, however, that the open structure of the Troldtekt panels makes it difficult to achieve the same uniform coverage as the painted panels from the factory.

Please note that the colour shade can vary, depending on whether the paint is applied to natural wood or natural grey basis panels. For instance, the colour white 101 will appear warmer when painted on natural wood basis panels. For Troldtekt in black, grey or other dark colours, we always recommend natural grey basis panels to obtain better colour coverage.

For installing Troldtekt acoustic panels, we supply coloured screws to match the colour of the panels. The screws are supplied for panels in both standard colours and custom colours.

Natural wood

White 101


Natural Grey

Grey 202

Grey 208

Black 207

Custom colour

Product configurator

The Troldtekt product configurator provides a quick overview of all available Troldtekt products.

By simply clicking your way through the options – colour, structure, installation details etc. - you specify your desired product.

With most combinations you are also provided with autocad drawings and an installation instruction for the specific product, ready to download.


Find inspiration for acoustic solutions with Troldtekt.

Under "Inspiration" you can find photos and descriptions of a wide range of reference projects with Troldtekt.