At Troldtekt we continually bring focus to topical trends within the fields of acoustics, indoor climate, architecture and sustainable building.

This page contains an overview of the various themes that we have published. Here, you can learn about e.g. acoustics in restaurants and innovation in architecture through inspiring articles, photos and interviews with architects and leading researchers.


Online themes from Troldtekt continually brings focus to topical trends within the fields of acoustics, indoor climate, architecture and sustainable building

FEATURE: Office building design

Skype meetings and knowledge sharing via mobile phone. Digital forms of collaboration are placing new demands on the design, acoustics and indoor climate of the physical office.

Read an interview with Philip Tidd, an expert in office design at Gensler, a global consulting firm. He emphasises that the office of the future must have several places where employees can concentrate, collaborate and learn.

THEME: Healthy schools of the future

The corona pandemic has impacted children’s schooling badly. However, the pandemic may also prove a golden opportunity to modernise schools.

Read more in a new online feature from Troldtekt A/S. The feature offers inspiration from schools that meet the needs for a healthy indoor climate and effective learning in 2021.

THEME: Restaurants

Did you know that noise and music have a bearing on our sense of taste? And that poor acoustics can cost a star in restaurant reviews?

You can read more about this in this theme page.

THEME: Healing architecture

Architecture, design and materials can have an impact on the treatment of body and mind. Light, air and acoustics all play a role – as does the spatial organisation of the rooms.

On this theme page, you can read about visions and practices when working with healing architecture.

THEME: Swimming pools and outdoor baths

Swimming and water exercise are popular activities among all ages and at all skill levels – and many old centres are being renovated and new ones built.

On this theme page, Troldtekt A/S brings together knowledge, trends and examples that can help guide the design of swimming facilities of the future.

THEME: Design and Innovation in Architecture

Innovation must ensure that architecture is constantly evolving – functionally and aesthetically. Most people spend 80-90 per cent of their time indoors, and when function and design complement one another, it can make a big difference to people’s daily lives and well-being.

For this very reason, aesthetics and design are weighted in several of the leading sustainable building certification schemes. You can read more about this on this theme page, where architects talk about their innovative approach to design.

THEME: Building health and indoor climate

Although sustainable building is on the rise, large quantities of the harmful substances in building materials still manage to slip through into new and refurbished buildings.

On this theme page, experts present their views on material health and indoor climate – and possible solutions to the challenges.

THEME: Architecture for sports and movement

Schools designed for movement. Indoor space with parkour and street football. A sports complex where elite sports and rehabilitation are brought together under one roof. Sport and movement can take place in many forms and facilities.

Here, it is important that the architecture is designed for physical activity and noise – but still with a sense of aesthetics.

THEME: Sustainable building certifications

Buildings documented as being sustainable offer benefits for the environment, users and developers. On this theme page, Troldtekt A/S focuses on the benefits of sustainable building certifications.

The theme includes interviews with experts from Henning Larsen Architects and Ramboll, inspiration from sustainable buildings in northern Europe – and news about Troldtekt’s contribution to the leading certifications.

THEME: Wood in construction

Wood is a healthy, elegant and flexible natural material that makes a positive contribution to the carbon accounts. Developers are increasingly using wood to construct high-rise buildings and other large projects.

But what is required for wood to become firmly rooted in people’s minds as a building material? The experts give their suggestions on this theme page, which also takes you on a tour of some of the most successful wooden buildings.

THEME: Build better childcare institutions

The number of children is on the rise in several northern European countries, and thus also the need for new childcare institutions. It is important to take the children’s perspective in the design of the new institutions, and for the architecture to support the development of mind and body.

On this theme page, Troldtekt A/S focuses on how to build better childcare institutions. 

THEME: Architecture in the big cities

The biggest cities in Denmark are often singled out internationally as some of the most worthwhile tourist destinations worldwide.

This theme page takes you on a virtual trip to look at architecture in Copenhagen, and in Denmark’s second-largest city Aarhus.

THEME: Dark ceilings

Black is the new black – because architecture with dark materials can create a special feeling of intimacy and closeness.

On this theme page, you can read how black ceilings and solid materials are becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

THEME: Multi-purpose cultural centres

Many new multi-purpose cultural centres have seen the light of day in recent years. In large towns and villages, the buildings serve as informal meeting places, bringing together local communities for activities ranging from sport and meals to salsa and yoga.

This theme page gives you an insight into what the experts think about the new multi-purpose cultural centres.

THEME: Transformation

Around 40% of Europe’s material and energy consumption goes to construction. Using healthy, lasting materials and converting buildings for new purposes offers the potential for better resource utilisation.

On this theme page you can read about the reuse of materials at the highest possible value level, learn about two key concepts in sustainable building: life cycle costs and life cycle assessment and find inspiration in examples of successful transformation projects.