Water stewardship

In western Jutland, where we produce our acoustic solutions, there is no shortage of water, but there is globally.

We therefore want to support the Cradle to Cradle principles and the UN goals of sound water stewardship.

At Troldtekt we want to protect the groundwater. Before it became required by law, we decided to install sewer separation at our site in Troldhede, and rainwater is now discharged to a municipal overflow reservoir and not into the existing sewage system, which has limited capacity during heavy downpours.

When we start new construction projects, we are looking at the possibility of optimum handling of rainwater in the form of, for example, establishing an overflow reservoir with vegetation at our factory site. In connection with the construction of a new warehouse and logistics hall, we are, for example, establishing an overflow reservoir. In this way, Troldtekt contributes to creating the best possible conditions for biodiversity in the area.