Fire protected acoustic panels

The fire characteristics of interior ceiling and wall cladding have a major impact on how a fire develops. During evacuation, it is important that temperature, smoke concentration, heat radiation and other factors do not prevent people inside the building from reaching safety. 

Troldtekt panels are made from the natural material wood, and cement extracted from Danish mineral resources. Wood is an organic and flammable material, but every single wood fibre in a Troldtekt panel is encapsulated and protected by non-flammable cement. Troldtekt panels therefore have low flammability and only emit low heat during a fire, and almost no smoke. Troldtekt A2, made using special cement, is a non-flammable material.


European CE marking

In the EU it is mandatory to CE-mark products that are covered by a European harmonised standard or European technical approval.

Troldtekt is CE-marked in accordance with the European standard for cement-bonded wood wool, EN 13168 – Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory made wood wool (WW) products as well as the European standard for suspended ceilings, EN 13964.

Read more about CE-marking and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Thus, in accordance to these standards, all Troldtekt products are tested for reaction to fire in accordance with EN 13501:

  • The reaction to fire classification for Troldtekt panels is B-s1,d0.

  • The reaction to fire classification for Troldtekt A2 panels is A2-s1,d0. 

Reaction to fire classification B-s1,d0 and A2-s1,d0

B and A2, respectively, denote the extent to which the material contributes to fire, it’s reaction to fire behaviour. The classification ranges from A1 (non-combustible, no organic and/or combustible components) to F. An F, however, means that the panel has not been tested and are not be sold and used for ceiling cladding. The additional classification in relation to smoke production ranges from s1 as the best to s3 as the worst. And finally, the additional classification in relation to flaming droplets/particles ranges from d0 as the best and down to d2. Together these classifications constitute the “reaction to fire” classification.

International classifications

Troldtekt panels have been fire tested and classified under a number of national standards, including MK (Denmark), Sitac (Sweden), Warringtonfire (United Kingdom), KOMO (the Netherlands).

Type-approval is a Swedish voluntary labelling scheme for building materials and devices. For the label to be granted the product must meet certain requirements in the Swedish Building Regulation. Furthermore, a product certified and labelled under the type-approval scheme has been subject to extensive testing, quality control, production control and calculations.

Download certificate.

In Denmark, the MK certificate states that the Troldtekt products are “klasse A materiale” and “klasse 1 beklædning” according to DS 1065-2. Hence, it is documented that Troldtekt provides at least 10 minutes of fire protection of the underlying material as well as protection against fire in spaces, if any. “Klasse 1 beklædning” is a requirement in the Danish Building Regulations.

Download certificate.

The Warrington fire tests for Troldtekt states compliance with the requirements for a Class 0 surface, as defined in Approved Document B to the British Building Regulations 2000.

Further, Class 1 is determined regarding the surface spread of flame classification (BS 476).

In The Netherlands, Troldtekt products are marketed as Stertekt.

Our distributor, Isolco, has a KOMO certification for the Stertekt products stating that the products are suitable for application in construction according to Dutch Building Regulations.