Decoration of acoustic ceilings and walls


You can decorate your Troldtekt® acoustic solutions

Troldtekt gives you the option of personalised decoration for ceilings, walls and framed wall panels while also ensuring good acoustics. Advanced printing technology makes it possible to transfer graphics, logos, artwork, photos or other motifs directly onto the acoustic panels.

Both graphics and logos can also be milled into the panels using CNC technology, creating a three-dimensional effect, for example, in the room.

See our series of award-winning Troldtekt design solutions, which allow you to create your own patterns and rhythms as part of your interior design. 

An extra dimension for large surfaces

Troldtekt’s distinctive surface structure adds an extra dimension to whatever design you choose, and printing technology allows graphical elements and patterns to be transferred to the panels, making it possible to add decorative elements even to large areas. 

You can also incorporate your own graphic material, photos or art on the panels – as long as you have secured the rights to copy the motif. The sky is the limit.

Troldtekt with decoration is not part of Troldtekt’s product range. However, for specific projects, and subject to agreement, we can supply specially decorated acoustic solutions. Read more and see examples in our section on customer solutions.