Jens Christian Vestergaard

Jens Christian Vestergaard

Jens Christian Vestergaard was born in 1960 and has been a professional artist for 15 years. He is originally from Holstebro in Western Denmark, but now lives with his family in Stoholm, where Vestergaard also has his own studio. Buyers of Vestergaard’s paintings include Danish and foreign private individuals and also a number of banks, schools and cultural establishments.

Below you can find a selection of Jens Christian Vestergaard’s works. Several of the artist’s paintings have been photographed and saved in high-resolution digital files to be printed on Troldtekt. The motif sizes have been adapted to standard measurements for one or more Troldtekt panels.

120 x 180 cm

60 x 60 or 120 x 120 cm

60 x 120 cm

60 x 240 cm


In the artist’s workshop
„When spoken language comes to an end, imagination takes over.“ These words were spoken by artist Jens Christian Vestergaard. To him, a painting says more than a thousand words. Vestergaard finds his inspiration in the strong, personal experiences his life has offered, some of them rough, and he channels his thoughts into brush strokes on canvas in his studio located in Stoholm in central Jutland, Denmark. The results are a line of paintings in strong colours and a selection of these can be reproduced for customers in a Troldtekt decoration solution.

Inspiration from Troldtekt
Jens Christian Vestergaard finds it exciting when one of his paintings is blown up using digital photography and printing technology to fit a Troldtekt panel much larger than the original. „These panels work extremely well when they are printed. In fact, it once inspired me to redo one of my paintings in a larger version”, says Vestergaard, who is comfortable with his works changing character when used for Troldtekt decoration. The artist continues, „The nuances often become darker but it works well and I fully respect the fact that printing on Troldtekt is a completely different tool than working with paint and spatula on a canvas.“

Artistic line
So far, it is mainly Jens Christian Vestergaard’s earlier motifs that are used for Troldtekt decoration. In time, Vestergaard imagines that the development and line of his own painting career may be repeated in the Troldtekt motifs. „I have developed from the non-figurative and abstract to more specific motifs and depending on the space where the solution is to be used, this development may be interesting to reflect via Troldtekt”, he says.

Biblical motif
In recent years, a motif containing the biblical story of Jacob’s Ladder combined with the tory of the Babel Tower has characterised Jens Christian Vestergaard’s art. „On the one and, the image symbolises that which comes to us from above. On the other hand, the Babel Tower illustrates our attempts to control life on our own – attempts which often turn out to be pies in the sky. I imagine that a painting like that would go well on a Troldtekt panel – e.g. for a parish council”, says Jens Christian Vestergaard.